Will Buying a New Router Solve your Connectivity Problems?

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Asking Google – or watching a particular troubleshooting video on YouTube might suggest you get a new Router in the older one is not giving you the speed that you want. But the question is – does having a new router actually solve your problems, or it’s only a way of masking the poor performance of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

To prevent any problem relating to the router, Spectrum internet deals include their own modems and routers. Hence, the possibility of the ISP blaming the router is significantly minimized.

New Router, Old Problems?

When we asked certain people, they claimed that changing the router actually helped in some cases. Therefore, we discussed the matter with the IT experts, and they state that it can actually be true for some people – however, the possibility is really low!

Although the router can be troubling your internet connectivity and speed, it must be the last option that you go with. Before that, it is essential to probe into the different factors that affect your internet speed and causes it to become fast or slow.

What Determines Your Internet Speed?

Generally speaking, there are three factors that are significantly affecting and posing certain impacts on your internet download and upload speeds. It doesn’t really depend on the type of connection.

Before moving onto the router, it’s important to look into the factors that impact how fast or slow your Internet connection is. Three factors affect the Internet speed regardless of the type of connection:

The bandwidth of the Internet Connection

In a layperson term, bandwidth can be regarded as a pipeline, and the signals have to flow through it. It is represented in megabits per second or Mbps. For example, Spectrum internet provides very high bandwidth – which means that more data can flow through it more easily.

The bandwidth generally has nothing to do with an old or new router. It solely depends on the ISP and your internet connection. Moreover, you must bear in mind that the upload and download speeds are different from each other. Although they together account for the total internet speed, the different types have different functions.

The download speed which is responsible for fetching data from the web is usually higher than the upload speed that tends to transfer data from the user’s device to the web.

The latency of the Internet Connection

Just like bandwidth, the latency also doesn’t get affected by a new router. It tells us how fast the data flows through the pipeline. In simpler words, latency is the time taken by the data to flow from your PC or device to a server via your internet connection and back to you!

If the data moves back and forth through the pipeline quickly, it means that the internet connection is fast, and there is no latency. On the other hand, if the data moves slowly – the internet connection is also perceived to be slow.

Packet Loss

Packet loss is equivalent or synonymous with leaks in the pipeline. It refers to different pathways that the data takes to reach the server and come back from it. The packet loss mostly happens on the part of the ISP and not on your old or new router.

There have been different reasons for internet outages that are not defined by replacing your old router and getting a newer one instead. All of them only had concerns with your Internet Service Provider. However, with internet providers such as Spectrum, you won’t suffer from any issue – be it slow internet speed, router dysfunction, or whatsoever. Spectrum might provide you with a new router at super affordable rates.

Now coming to the question that does a new internet router solve the internet speed issues?

In some unfortunate circumstances of events, it is possible that our new router fixes many internet connectivity, speed, and downloading problems. The reason behind this is the newer and updated technology of the router – which is better adapted to catch signals and transmit them or vice versa.

For example, if you live in an area that suffers from frequent environmental issues, the performance of your internet speed could vary. On the other hand, having too much equipment and obstructions in your room can very negatively impact the internet speed. In such cases, your internet router is more susceptible to getting problematic.

New router with New and Upgraded Features

Sometimes, it might happen that your older router has older features and wireless standards. In that case, having a new router with a better range and performance will undoubtedly be a good idea. The new router with modern additions supports QoS features that make your internet connection faster, reliable, and good to go.

Once you have bought a new router, you must take specific measures to make the full out of it. Your router can help you boost up your internet speed even when you are connected to the same WiFi.

Reposition your New Router

As much as we tend to neglect the position of the router, the more it causes troubles for us. It is important that we keep the router at a place that the signals are reached in all parts of your office or workplace evenly. You should try to keep the obstruction and dead zones minimum by choosing the right location for your new router.

Reset the Router Credentials to Give it a Break

Since the internet is an all-time thing, there is not a time when we are not using it. Hence, it can become slow due to overworking. What it needs is just a break – for a very short interval of time. Unlike humans that need 6 to 8 hours of sleep to function correctly, the machines need only a few seconds before they actually get back to working condition.

If you face an explained sudden slow internet speed, consider resetting your new router and the modem. It will stimulate your connection with the ISP, and you might get the desired speed back!

Is it Time to Switch the Internet Service Provider?

In the worst circumstances, if the problem persists – it’s time that you switch to a better Internet Service Provider such as Spectrum. It will offer you more bandwidth with higher internet speeds, however, before making the switch. Make sure to test the internet speed at different hours of the day.

Some ISPs tend to throttle the internet speed near the data caps. But the good news is that you don’t essentially have to suffer from the problem of slow internet speeds by reaching the data limit. Guess why? It’s because Spectrum does not have any data caps or restrictions. You can use unlimited internet whenever and however you want in a fixed rate package.

The Verdict

It might be advisable to get a new router in some cases – but certainly not all. If you are not getting the internet speed that you signed up for – you need to change the ISP. However, if your bandwidth requirement has increased, you need to upgrade your internet plan as per your new usage requirements.

Spectrum is quite remarkable both in the quality of services – as well as the equipment it provides. It usually recommends having their own router and modem that is compatible with the internet services. Moreover, it also offers TV and Phone services along with the appropriate receiver to give you the best experience you can ever expect.

If you need further assistance, suggestion, or discussion of any kind about your ISP, Telecom, or Cable TV provider, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-370-0251, and one of our representatives will thoroughly guide you about all the plans and packages.

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