WiFi Benefits Spectrum Mobile in Giving the Fastest Internet

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The major three U.S. wireless carriers in the United States all claim to be “winners” in one area or another in wireless speed tests conducted by a number of different firms. Charter Communications’ Spectrum Mobile, on the other hand, has entered the competition, claiming that it’s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service offers the quickest overall download speeds.

Given the fact that Charter’s Spectrum Mobile service is mostly based on Verizon’s network, this may seem to be a bit of a stretch to believe. In order to be faster than Verizon Wireless, Spectrum Mobile must be more efficient.

With the minimum spectrum internet prices, it has become inevitable to lack in terms of value for money that the company provides. It is claimed by Charter that Spectrum Mobile offers better overall speeds than any other mobile carrier in its service area due to the large number of Wi-Fi hotspots that have been deployed.

Charter’s Claim

Spectrum Mobile claims that its users had internet speeds that were 43 percent faster than Verizon’s, 41 percent faster than T- Mobile’s, and 29 percent faster than AT&T’s, based on data gathered by Global Wireless Solutions and The Nielsen Co. during the first quarter of 2021.

Using a comparison of Spectrum Mobile’s average combined Wi-Fi and cellular download speeds with those of its rivals within its 41-state operational area, Spectrum Mobile determines its total download speeds.

During the last seven quarters, Charter says that its overall speeds have outperformed those of the other mobile carriers in its service area.

Recent discussions between Charter’s CEO and CFO have focused on the company’s efforts to integrate Wi-Fi with LTE and 5G cellular technologies. While mobile communications were previously solely carried out over cellular networks, they claim that now the overwhelming majority of mobile data traffic is carried out via Wi-Fi networks.

Spectrum Mobile Package

Home internet access at the lowest spectrum internet prices and in-home Wi-Fi are all included in the Spectrum Mobile package offered by Charter. Charter does not disclose how many of its overall 29.2 million internet users have the company’s in-home Wi-Fi offering, which is currently unavailable. More than 500,000 public Wi-Fi access points are available via Charter’s out-of-home network.

In the case of Spectrum Mobile, about 80% of data traffic is sent through Charter’s Wi-Fi, which is usually quicker than cellular networks.

In the words of Charter, Wi-Fi is no longer simply a complement to mobile communications; it is now the basis of customers’ daily mobile experience.

Charter’s Long-term Strategy

In order to expand their profitable broadband operations, both Charter and Comcast have positioned their MVNOs as a growth vehicle.

Charter CEO Thomas Rutledge said at a MoffettNathanson event in early May that he saw Spectrum Mobile as a strategic investment that would allow the company to provide mobile services to its broadband consumers while also converging the offering itself into a single product. He further added that I believe that mobile offers a chance for us to save consumers money while also providing them with better goods than they are used to receiving. That is a wonderful source of commercial opportunity.

Charter CFO Christopher Winfrey recently appeared at a JPMorgan Global Technology, Media, and Communications event, and he emphasized Rutledge’s argument throughout his speech. The company’s mobile offering, according to him, is just an extension of the company’s current internet product.

The company’s broadband offering, according to Winfrey, has proven to be lucrative. Having more client connections and saving customers money along the route are two ways in which mobile will help it continue to be more lucrative.

Increase in Spectrum Customers

In 2021, Spectrum saw a 350,000 increase in the number of cellular customers, an increase over the previous quarter’s 290,000 gain. This can be owed to minimum spectrum internet prices. It had almost 2.7 million mobile lines at the end of the quarter, up from roughly 1.4 million at the end of the first quarter of 2020. Adding customers to Spectrum has been happening at a rapid pace.

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