Top 5 Netflix Seasons that Made the Year 2020 Survivable


As we know, many seasons come and go off Netflix. However, it is always the first choice for anyone who wants to stream movies online. Some binge-watchers do not even bother to watch something other than what Netflix – well, that makes sense! Almost all the good seasons are present on Netflix (if it does not put down some shows).  

Following Seasons released this year that really helped us through the Pandemic:  

Netflix Original: Lucifer Season 6  

The series begins with the devil himself coming down into the streets of Los Angeles as none other but Lucifer Morningstar. After a few sequential events (or maybe fate, as some might call it), he meets a detective Chloe Decker and joins the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to fulfil its internal desires of punishing the bad men. As Lucifer does impressive work in the series, Tom Ellis is everything from a funny crook to a hell-scary and angry prince of hell. Well, the season is everything we need – from proper fun to sheer excitement.  

Netflix Original: The 100  

It is the best sci-fi season after Interstellar so far. The story revolves around the 100 kids who are sent to the Earth after decades of a nuclear war. When they come down, they have to fight for their survivability – among themselves and the grounders. The season is a clear depiction of how humans build everything from scratch. The 100 is a sci-fi thriller, drama, and something showing a lot of intellect and intelligence. It shows how today’s generation is better at making peace and how our traditional brutal action plans can leave us unaided.  

Netflix Original: Stranger Things  

Stranger Things is a horror-terror sort of series involving monster appearances and whatnot. The story starts in a small town where a child disappears. The different government agencies, supernatural forces, and a few locals gather up only to find that there is so much more to the child’s disappearance than what meets the eye. It typically shows how a group of children manage to fight the unknown and yet are able to find their lost friend. Trust me when I tell you, from the moment you press the play button, there is no way that you stop it any sooner.  

The Crown  

The Crown is one of the most anticipated and awaited seasons of the year. It is often considered historically correct – however, it is all fictional. Although some of the events may correspond to real events, in essence, they are just coincidences. The show focuses on Queen Elizabeth II as a young bride and how she gathers up the declining British Empire. It is an excellent manifestation of a royalty dealing with such political disarray in such tender years of her life. The series show hopes for the dawn of a new and better era.  

Locke & Key  

It is a horror drama revolving around a family of three Locke siblings and their mother. After her husband’s death, Nina Locke moves to their ancestral home with her children. Soon enough, they notice some strange occurrences in their key house; after following, the cue points directly towards the connections that linked to their father’s death. As time goes by, the Locke children get to find different keys that introduce them to unusual powers. Locke and Key is something more than just horror and mystery; it is about family love and unshakeable bonds.  

The Verdict  

In a time like this, the seasons have really helped us stay sane. It’s very noticeable that all of these five seasons are quite different from one another. Lucifer has an entirely different story; it’s a show that won’t depress you, trust me! The 100 is a bit of sentimental sci-fi that includes how strangers become great friends and how friends lose for each other.

Stranger things and Locke & Key – although they fall in the genre of horror – are different. However, The Crown is a completely off-story thing that is partly political and partly fictional. All these movies are available on Netflix. Check out Spectrum internet deals, get a package and stream them online – or call at +1-800-370-0251 for further assistance. 

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