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The Weather Channel

Having launched in 1982, the Weather Channel is owned by a subsidiary of Entertainment studios by the name the Weather Group, LLC. It is a pay-tv network available to more than 80 million US homes as a reliable center for weather forecasts, news, analysis, documentaries, and live-studio shows. The Weather Channels is well known for its sister channels like Justice Central, Local Now, Weatherscan, and Entertainment Studios Networks.   

Availability of The Weather Channel on Spectrum  

Spectrum TV is a renowned Television services provider that offers its services both on television and the internet. For the television, it provides more than 200 channels, including the premium channels. On the other hand, spectrum internet packages are also one of the best to-go options. Moreover, spectrum services – both TV and internet are available in more than 44 states in the USA.  

Spectrum Packages for The Weather Channel 

Spectrum TV packages include three basic packages that vary according to their prices and the number of channels. These include SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD.   

Spectrum SELECT Package 

  • It offers you 125 channels  
  • The Weather Channel is available  

Spectrum SILVER Package 

  • The plan offers you 175 channels  
  • Premium Channels like HBO, PARAMOUNT and SHOWTIME  
  • The Weather Channel is available  

Spectrum GOLD Package 

  • It offers you 200 channels  
  • Premium Channels included  
  • The Weather Channel is available  

Another option that Spectrum is offering you is to go with the Spectrum Bundles. You must be wondering what they are?  

To get a spectrum services bundle, you can visit the website, and you will be amazed to find out the best packages and deals at really economical prices. The details of the bundles that offer you internet, tv services, and phone service in one are as follows:  

Spectrum SINGLE  

Spectrum SINGLE includes the Internet only – with a speed up to 940 Mbps. 

  • Free Internet modem  
  • Spectrum Security Security Suite  
  • WiFi and Hotspot Access  

Spectrum DOUBLE  

It includes the internet and television services. 

  • Free Internet modem  
  • Spectrum Security Suite  
  • WiFi and Hotspot Access  
  • Over 200 TV channels   

Spectrum TRIPLE  

This bundle includes internet, television services, and phone line.  

  • Free Internet modem  
  • Spectrum Security Security Suite  
  • WiFi and Hotspot Access  
  • Over 200 TV channels  
  • Premium Channels  
  • Unlimited calling  
  • Different calling features.  

Finding the Channel Number of The Weather Channel on Spectrum TV  

We know the nuisance you have to go through when finding the channel number on the long list of TV channels that spectrum is offering you. The spectrum TV users know how tiring it is to look for a particular channel from the long list of channels – especially when they vary from region to region.  

If you are done switching channel to channel and are still unable to find The Weather Channel, you have come to the right place. The list below gives all the channel numbers on which you can find The Weather Channel all over the USA city- and state-wise. You can look for the area/ region alphabetically, and note down the number of your favourite channel. 

City and State  Channel Number 


Albertville, AL  40/ 797 
Austin, TX  45 
Athens, GA  41/ 736 
Avon, IN  28 
Alexandria, KY  30 
Auburn, ME  33 
Allendale, MI  30/ 732 
Albany, MN  51/ 798 


Belleville, IL  97/ 735 
Baton Rouge, LA  38/ 797 
Bakersfield, CA  85/ 1085 
Baker City, OR  19/ 763 
Bristol, VA  38/ 797 


Crisfield, MD  16/ 797 
Charlotte, NC  41 
Cincinnati, OH  41 
Cleveland, OH  41 
Concord, VT  40/ 700 
Cheyenne, WY  30/ 530 


Dallas, TX  37 


Grand Junction, CO  44/ 544 
Greenville, SC  40/ 797 
Great Falls, MT  29/ 529 


Hayden, ID  21 
Harvard, MA  46/ 725 


Knoxville, TN  38/ 797 
Kansas City, KS  31 


Lincoln, NH  29 
Lincoln, NE  25 
Los Angeles, CA  39 |46/ 746 


New York, NY  93 


Orlando, FL  27 


Picayune, MS  38/ 797 


Ridgefield Park, NJ  63 
Reno, NV  24/ 789 
Rochester, NY  23 


Saint Louis, MO  97/ 735 
San Antonio, TX  36 
Sheboygan, WI  59/ 731 


Tampa, FL  63 


Wapato, WA  14/ 763 
Waterford, PA  25 
Winsted, CT  64/ 725 


Yuma, AZ  66 


The Verdict  

You might have stumbled upon the article either looking for the cable or internet providers in the USA or finding the Weather Channel either on your spectrum tv or any other services. Spectrum is one of the best Internet, TV, and phone services providers that ensures all the benefits it can give to its customers. The services are beyond comparison as they are mostly uninterrupted. For further assistance, you can talk to the customer service representative of Spectrum Internet, who can provide you with all the necessary details. So, make a call at +1-800-370-0251 today for any queries and information.

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