The Falconeer: A Fascinating Review

The Falconeer

The falconeer is an aerial combat game has the same level of intrigue and curiosity as Game of Thrones. Although the water-soaked land of – or I’d rather call it a sea does not seem to show the most of it, the game is still fascinating as there is an excellent room for imagination and creativity. With the word ‘aerial’ – it might have struck you that it’s something about aircraft and planes. As a matter of fact, it’s not.

The Falconeer: Gamer’s Character   

In the game, you are a gun-carrying pilot riding a massive bird – Falcon. The world underneath is wholly immersed in water, and the job of the Falconeer is to protect the island. The game’s central part is all about flying out to different areas to execute some missions and achieve some goals. The attacking regimen goes from ambushing or staying into a hiding position until the right time to confront and fight your way back to the island.    

You are the one who has all the reins of the bird as it moves around – and the best is that the controls are operatable by a very light touch. The battle is not “very” impressive as you do not have the option to switch between the primary and powerful ancillary attacks. It gives you the power and control of your wingman to make it shoot the target that you want.    

However, from what I personally felt – the missions are not very complex and complicated. Hence, all the tasks feel alike, thereby losing the gamer’s interest in the game. It feels like playing the same game over and over again – until you know of all the strokes and attacks, and the game does not feel like challenging anymore. If there had more actions and moves for the character – the game would have a better and dynamic feel—however, the length campaign of The Falconeer’s same to have paid less attention to this aspect.   

The Shuffling Characters in The Falconeer   

What adds a bit of dimension to the game is the randomly shuffling role of the falconeers. You do not play the game as a single, chosen falcon – but instead, you kind of “switch” to another part of the world, where you play as a different falconeer. Hence, you are playing as a plurality of the falconeers in different perspectives. It actually puts you in a diverse variety of soldiers coming from other islands and fighting against different enemies. Probably, this switching is the reason why the game lacked that complexity that we are yearning for.    

To move forward in the plot of the falconeer, you need to do the introductory missions. However, the ancillary tasks help you collect currency that you can use in turn to improve your character’s specifications, including stats and weapons. During all the main and secondary missions, you will often fly over long stretches of water, water, and waters. The Falconeers world is all water – and no land! Among the long stretches of water, some small islands are inhabited by cities – each having its own culture and significance.    

Speaking of the story of The Falconeer, it has secret deceptions, serious backstabbing, and ambushing. The game lacks in some aspects, such as its checkpoint system is a bit orthodox, the missions are quite lengthy, involving multiple tasks that include piloting your falcon across the whole landscape. You can tone down the difficulty levels at any time, which will increase your falcon’s health at a higher rate than on high difficulty levels. However, it eliminates the purpose of the game, leaving it almost bland to get along.   

The Visuals of the Game   

The Falconeer world is empty, isolated, with lots of water and a dark red sky. Overall the video game graphics are good. The sun showing its reflection in the water with a combination of haze and cloud adds to the battle-like environment. Some of the battles happening at night give the sheer glow of bombs in the dark of the night. The whole surrounding only illuminates with the radiation of the ammunition being used to ambush a city or village. To add to this lethal environment, the haunting music gives a cue of an approaching storm.   

The Verdict   

Notwithstanding the minor glitches, the game is a good fantasy with an impressive touch to it. What I majorly missed was the realness that lacked in the game. After playing Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the game seems a bit slow and less real to start with. We’d want to play on the substantial ground without wading into the shallowness of the waters. The game needs a good internet connection with the right ping. Check spectrum internet prices and get the right package for you or call at +1-800-370-0251 for any assistance.

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