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The CW network is saving you! You must be thinking, how? Well, have a look at this scenario: some people are very free and practically have nothing to do. Hence, they call out for something that entertains them so that they do not fall prey to boredom and, ultimately, depression. In contrast, others are so busy that they do not have time for any activity other than their routine works. Whatever the case is, you need television to answer both boredom and tight schedules.   

Good entertainment is not a source to kill time, but instead, it keeps you entertaining with all the great shows and dramas. Television is a fantastic thing that paves the way for a lot of information and has become an essential part of our lives. People love to watch quality content and mainly find time for it.   

The CW Network and the Reason for its Popularity  

All of us are loyal fans of the CW network’s dramas and seasons. How can one forget The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and all-so-great CW shows that we have binge-watched for hours on end? These series have been so extraordinarily appealing that CW’s fandom is never going to die that easily.   

Many other shows that are currently being aired on the CW network include Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and others. But these few are on the list of top favourites. The 100 is another great – great – great show that will never lose its fanbase. Despite the fact that the finale of “The 100” was not as impressive as we had been expecting, but still owing to the reputation that CW has, people accepted it wholeheartedly.  

Spectrum Television Plans that Offer CW  

Spectrum is one of the best internet and cable providers in the USA. It is fully aware of the viewer’s preferences and makes sure to provide the type and quality of content that the audience wants. Hence, when selecting the list of channels, how could spectrum overlook the CW network? Not only has it included CW in the channels list, but it is offering it on all packages – be it spectrum select, spectrum silver, or spectrum gold.   

Owing to the fact that the CW network is present on all spectrum packages, you should go with the offer that is more budget-friendly and does not rip you off monetarily. Another great news is that if you use the bundled services, they will be more economical and will give you all three services such as television, phone, and internet in one.  

Number of Channel CW on Spectrum  

Spectrum has a wide range of channels. Hence, it becomes challenging to look for your favourite channel from the long list. Moreover, the channel number varies with the area or state. Therefore, we have made a whole list of channel numbers against specific states regarding the CW channel. The list is as follows: 

State/ City  Channel No.  State/ City  Channel No. 
Albertville, AL  11/706  Greenville, SC  9/709 
Austin, TX  12  Great-Falls, MT  12/512 
Athens, GA  9/709  Hayden, ID  22 
Avon, IN  3/1003  Harvard, MA  9/789 
Alexandria, KY  25/117  Jacksonville, NC  1212 
Auburn, ME,   12  Knoxville, TN  12/712 
Allendale, MI  7/781  Kansas City, KS  7 
Albany, MN  23/783  Lincoln, NH  1245 
Belleville, IL  11/711  Lincoln, NE  15/1212 
Baton Rouge, LA  3/703  Los Angeles, CA  5/1212, 5/705 
Bakersfield, CA  12  New York City, NY  11 
Baker City, OR  9/790  Orlando, FL  8/1080 
Bristol, VA  4/704  Picayune, MS  3/703 
Crisfield, MD  13/713  Ridgefield-Park, NJ  11 
Charlotte, NC  11  Reno, NV  12/695 
Cincinnati, OH  20/1024  Rochester, NY  16/1212 
Cleveland, OH  6/1006  Saint-Louis, MO  11/711 
Concord, VT  11/711  San Antonio, TX,   7 
Cheyenne, WY  2/512  Sheboygan, WI  18/618 
Clarksburg, WV  3  Staten-Island, NY  11 
Carson-City, NV  12/695  Tampa, FL  4/1004 
Dallas, TX  9  Wapato, WA  9/709 
Dayton, OH  13  Waterford, PA  3 
El-Paso, TX  13  Winsted, CT  20/780 
Grand-Junction, CO  13/511  Yuma, AZ  6 


The CW network has literally everything that you can ask for. It covers the shows that might interest kids, teens, and adults. Thus, for every age group, it has something to entertain you. All of your favourite seasons and movies are just a connection away.  

The Verdict  

The great news is two of your favourites shows have just released their finales on the CW network – that is, supernatural and the 100. So, check out spectrum internet packages bundled with cable services to watch them all. If you get the internet-only package, you can stream all these movies online. For further assistance, you can call at +1-800-370-0251, and a representative from the spectrum will help you through. 

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