The Croods: A New Age (2020) Review

The Croods

In the time of COVID-19, a family movie such as The Croods: A New Age comes as a blessing for a household with children. When we didn’t really know how to fight this pandemic, the Hollywood industry helped us a significant time. It provided safe entertainment sessions to keep both kids and adults occupied. And that’s the secret to surviving all the toxicity that has been outside lately.  

In this context, The Croods: A New Age is the show stopper. It is something like a cure or remedy for all the stress and tension that have been around. Not only the children, but you will find adults and everyone – no matter what age giggling and chuckling around.  

The cast of The Croods: A New Age  

Although it is an animated movie, it indeed has some humanly part too. Imagining any film without the manly intervention is undoubtedly an absurd idea, and maybe an impossible one too. So, let’s talk about the cast of The Croods. The protagonist role has been done by Ryan Reynolds as the Guy, and Emma Stone as Eep.  

The rest of the cast includes Nicolas Cage as Grug, Catherine Keener as Ugga, Cloris Leachman as Gran, Clark Duke as Thunk, Leslie Mann as Hope, Peter Dinklage as Phil, Kelly Marie TranKelly as Dawn, Kailey Crawford as Sandy, Chris Sander as Belt, James Ryan as Sash, Gabriel Jack as Young Guy, Melissa Disney, and Joel Crawford as Guy’s parents.   

The plot of the Croods: A New Age  

A movie from DreamWorks Animation, directed by Joel Crawford, starts with a little history of Guy. The opening sequences show the death of Guy’s parents while he still was a kid. As they drown in the tar, they tell Guy to find “Tomorrow.” The rest of the story revolves around the journey that he takes in the search for Tomorrow.  

Story of the Movie: The Croods  

As Guy embarks on his journey to find a new home, he comes across the Croods clan. He travels with them and ultimately falls in love with their eldest daughter, Eep. All the scenes of Guy and Eep showing affection and tenderness to each other present a bit too much, but their family likes them as a couple – except Eep’s father, Grug!  

Grug soon finds out that Eep and Guy were planning to live together, making him more furious and somewhat terrified. He fears that Guy will take his daughter away from him in order to start a new life on their own. In the middle of all the paranoia that Grug goes through, they find something new that they think is the end of the world one day. However, it soon reveals that there is a lot more behind the barrier.  

On getting past the wall, they find out a farm. The Croods – a clan of cavepeople- are surprised when they meet Hope and Phil Betterman. However, what they didn’t know by now is that they are heading towards a big trap. As it turns out, Hope and Phil are much more advanced in their lifestyle than the Croods, and they surprisingly happen to be Guy’s parents’ friends.  

From this point onward, a complete set of conflicts starts as Guy starts to change after the Betterman’s brainwash him about leaving the Croods. Soon enough, the mystery of the bananas that are prohibited from eating also comes forth.  

The Croods: A New Age Review  

The movie, although, does not have a very artfully crafted script. The structure and storytelling both have been ordinary. It’s just another version of the same thing that the audience is familiar with – that the movie begins with flashbacks from the movie’s central characters’ past.   

Moreover, the movie tries to revolve around the main characters, undermining the rest of the characters. It feels like side-lining the others like Thunk and Gran. The Betterman’s scheme and the banana story have had a bit of exaggeration that did not clear out the message at hand, thereby making it a bit ineffective.   

The Turns and Twists in the Movie  

The movie takes quite typical turns as the duo of Eep and Dawn and their jealous rivalry unfolds. The guy is the only male between the two girls of the same age, is put into an awkward position. However, it’s significant and impressive that despite all the fallouts, Guy still manages to stay with the Croods and ultimately finds out that Eep is his “Tomorrow.”  The famous Guy’s dialogue:

“Tomorrow doesn’t have to be a place. It’s a person. It’s you, Eep. You are my tomorrow!”  

One thing that felt like a relief and something to leave us awe-struck was Hope accepting the Croods and eventually forming a girl gang that went by the name of “Thundersisters.” The gang proves to be very helpful as it saves Grug, Guy, and Phil from the perils of the Punch-Monkeys. After the perilous battle, Guy and Eep reconcile and defeat the giant Punch-Monkey together.   

The Croods: Ending  

Whatever happened in the whole movie, the ending had been happier – as we expect any animated film to be. So, after going through a lot, and being almost dead at the hands of the Punch-Monkeys, the Croods and the Bettermans befriend each other. Hence, the Betterman family allows them to live in their neighborhood. Moreover, Grug finally accepts Guy and Eep and makes the ending rather more admiring.   

Bottom line  

The movie is more streamlining for the children than it is for the adults. The ending fight with Punch-Monkeys has had a bit of action that really made it thrilling. The rest of the movie had its ups and downs – the fun sessions and the tensing moments (those involving Guy and Eeps fights). However, the whole adventure has been quite fun and amazing to watch.  

The Croods: A New Age has an IMDb rating of 7.0. To watch the movie, download it – or stream online on any of the streaming platforms. Make sure to have a good internet connection that gives you a fast-streaming experience. So, check out spectrum internet prices and get the right package for you. 

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