Supernatural Finale: Let’s Make it to Heaven


For what we can say – a good fifteen years, the two supernatural brothers in their cherry-coloured Chevy Impala have been saving the innocent and fighting against the odds on a quest to find their father. A show as Supernatural starting off as something about fighting and killing monsters changed more into an expedition to stop the apocalypse, or maybe to prevent Azazel from spreading evil. Denying God himself, the two brothers have shown to avoid destiny and confront the darkness in the most unexpected of the times. Thus, the basic story revved up into a riveting yet entertaining and terrifying tale!  

The Review of Supernatural Finale  

The previous episode had all the arrangements of concluding the season with the defeat of Chuck, promotion of Jack, and the world turning back to its proper course. The final episode epitomizes all the events in the series, the fan moments, and the inside jokes.  

The Beginning to the Finale  

Coming to it, the beginning is as sweet as it gets. The boys have salvaged the world yet again! And, it’s time to relish existence and enjoy life. Dean finally gets Miracle back, and the boys are apparently in a party, where Sam teasingly smashes the pie in Dean’s handsome face.   

The Last Hunt Together  

Later in the episode, Sam and Dean, in their quintessential hunt to track down a vampire nest end up researching their father’s journal. So, coming to the Vampire nest, the vamps wearing the skull masks is something exceptionally different from the typical hunting scene. The fight makes headway with all the favorite supernatural actions. However, the slow and quiet death of Dean was totally heart-wrenching. During his last minutes, he shares everything with his brother – including how much he loves his younger brother and how proud he is of him. For a show with multiple deaths, this one actually hurts a bit more.  

The Goodbye from Dean  

Concluding with their signature line – “You always keep fighting, you hear me?” Dean says goodbye to his brother when Sam is hit with the realization of dealing with it all alone. The sad supernatural background music adds to the moment’s anguish – bringing back so many memories and heartbreaks. The song sounded much more solemn than ever before at the moment of Dean’s death.  

Supernatural Series’ ideology of Death  

We wish that the idea of the existence of Heaven made losing friends or family a bit easier. But sadly, it does not. It hurts – and it always will. We cannot deny the facts. After doing all so generous and benevolent, Dean, in the end, died as anyone else would. This is the theme Supernatural has been showing its fans for years.  

It’s soul-stirring and heart-wrenching to see Sam and his dog Miracle standard amongst the whole lot of people that Sam has lost. The Men of Letters Table showing Mary, Dean, Castiel, and Jack brought back the pain he endured every time he lost each one. However, all of it compensated with Sam living his life and growing old with his child and wife. Hence, he gives up hunting after the Austin case and lives the life he always wanted.   

The Ending of Supernatural Adventures  

To relieve it a bit more, it’s pleasing to see that Dean made it to Heaven. He finds out the Heaven is not a solitary experience living all by itself, but it is a place where families could unite again. And, guess what, Jack made it right for everyone. This is something that made me so happy and satisfied. Some scenes also show Dean sitting in his heaven-versioned Impala that literally felt so welcoming.   

It’s just a matter of time when finally, Sam and Dean meet and reunite in Heaven as a family. It’s a happy ending for two brothers to have experienced enough for a really long time. The difficult it seemed, the brilliantly they wrapped up a primary season that went for as long as fifteen seasons.   

The Verdict  

Supernatural is a season that is simple yet inspiring. It shows how awkward, funny, silly, and lively life is. But no matter how “lively” it is, you ultimately die. But the time you get decides what you get in Heaven. Those who are wise try hard to make it mean something, while others waste it in useless activities. The two brothers – Sam and Dean, fight till their last breath, and they do it so well that despite falling and failing, they manage to pick themselves up and get back to life again. All the Supernatural seasons are available on the internet; all you need is to get Spectrum internet and watch the show for yourself or call at +1-800-370-0251 to get the details. 

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