Superintelligence: A Lifeless Comic


Doesn’t the fact that we have Melissa McCarthy playing a role in a sci-fi movie Superintelligence excite you? Well, it excites me! Who doesn’t know her from the movies like “Bridesmaid,” “Spy,” and “Life of the Party?” From her signatory roles, we know how fascinating her presence is – probably because of her audacious behavior and unusually fearless delivery of the script.   

The Cast of the Superintelligence  

As we know, the main character is Carol, played by Melissa McCarthy against the “superintelligence” computer who’s voice over is done by James Corden (who happens to be McCarthy’s favorite). The rest of the supporting cast includes Dennis (Carol’s best friend), played by Brian Tyree Henry, Sam Richardson as Agent John Donahue, Ben Falcone (the director himself) as Agent Charles Kuiper, and others.  

Melissa McCarthy to Play the Role of Carol  

She is the same person who has been nominated for Oscar twice because of the movie Bridesmaids. She is the powerhouse of the comedy genre and makes sure that she makes it all about whatever character she plays. Hence, we could expect “Superintelligence” to be a hit in the genre of comedy – if not in Sci-fi.   

Surprisingly, casting her has not been the right decision. Melissa is someone who is too “extra” to do the role of “the most average person on Earth.”   

The Plot of the Movie: Superintelligence  

The story has James Corden as the voice of the AI who seems to be following her wherever she goes and whatever she does – even if it is talking through the equipment. Annoying! A closer look at the movie gives us a notion that literally, everything about the film is sheer blandness – and as dull as possible. With Melissa in the film, we were expecting it to be sort of comically amusing – if not super funny. The director Ben Falcone has done everything that he could to make it a lifeless production (I bet that’s not what he has intended to do).   

Okay, so coming to the plot – Carol is a high-tech person trying to live a life of a philanthropist. She is volunteering at Seattle pet adoptions. Her best friend Dennis only exists to talk to Carol on the phone. He literally doesn’t seem to have any role in the movie (though apparently, he is a tech guru).   

The story of superintelligence shows that all of a sudden, a voice starts accompanying her that intends to pacify her when she is freaking out – like too much obsession for a single character. The supercomputer that is essentially a machine has suddenly become sentient, with Carol as its subject. It is actually trying to decide whether humanity should exist – or not. And it all falls on Carol that how she takes things and gives the perception of human life to a somewhat “learned” machine.  

The Compensation for Carol  

Since Carol has been the subject of the superintelligent thing, James Cordon’s voice orchestrates to compensate for the trouble she has been put into. Carol gets some millions of dollars, a lavish lifestyle, and a luxurious house to live in. Besides, she also gets a chance to reunite with her ex George (Bobby Cannavale), who is equally goofy with a primary obsession with Ken Griffey Jr. They have had a bit of romantic spark between the two – but not much to do with reality.  

The General Opinion on the Movie  

Contrary to our expectations – superintelligence – instead of being joyful and sarcastic, it is full of drab jokes with no meaning. Moreover, it does not have much science in it. The movie seems to tell us everything that we could perceive by ourselves otherwise. For example – Carol literally had to say to us that the music playing in the background is bum-bum from “Law & Order” – as if we don’t know already. I strongly felt that the movie should have trusted its audience to get few things by themselves – instead of feeding them throughout its course.   

The Verdict  

IMDb has rated the movie “superintelligence” as 5.1, which I believe is fair – if not higher than what it deserves. It fails to fall under the category of both sci-fi and comedy. It’s been a blend that probably too blended in even to be distinguished. However, this is the sort of movie that does not need much attention, and you can watch it even when you are performing other chores at your home. Thus, it is the right way of killing time. You can stream it online, so get the right spectrum internet package or call at +1-800-370-0251 for further assistance. 

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