Spectrum Voice ID and Use of AI to Improve Customers Experience


Charter Communications, Inc. just confirmed the launch of Spectrum Voice ID, an optional feature that enables customers to contact Charter by using their voice. Additionally, the organization is expanding the usage of other emerging technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as part of a broader effort to enhance the overall consumer experience by making it faster and more practical for customers to access their Spectrum internet deals and other services.

“We want every customer to have simple, fast, and easy experiences, whether they are upgrading their internet service, adding a new mobile line, reporting an issue, or signing up and scheduling appointments with us,” said Cliff Hagan, who happens to be the Executive Vice President of Customer Operations. “Our number one goal is to give our customers the flexibility to manage their Spectrum services whenever and however they want – be it SMS, chat, on our website, via mobile apps, on the phone, or in-person at a store.”

Customers have the choice of safely signing into their accounts using their voice with Spectrum Voice ID. Voice ID operates by generating a digital identity from a person’s speech pattern, which then serves as a password for seamless account entry without the user needing to recall authentication codes, authentication queries, or pin numbers. Voice ID is also used at no extra expense for the majority of Spectrum residential users.

Charter’s Customer Service Improvements

Spectrum Voice ID is one of the consumer service enhancement technologies that Charter is rolling out. Additionally, Charter has expanded the usage of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies through its integrated broadband network to provide overall and real-time insights about customers and their facilities to its front-line customer support representatives. As a result, Charter agents will troubleshoot and handle spectrum internet deals, and other problems more efficiently.

Customers are now benefiting from a few of the latest features such as:

Notifications of pending operation

Customers may elect to obtain proactive warnings if a service problem is identified that can concern them. Previously, consumers may report a problem by calling. In certain cases, the organization already has real-time data that enables it to resolve or share constructive details regarding service problems without requiring consumers to phone. Customers may use this feature by logging into their spectrum.net account and selecting “notifications.”

Appointments can be scheduled via the My Spectrum App

Appointment management is also included in the highly regarded My Spectrum App, which eliminates the need for consumers to call to confirm, reschedule, or postpone an appointment. Additionally, the software has a monitoring function that notifies consumers when a technician is on the way, as well as a snapshot of the technician who will be visiting their house.

Spectrum In-Home WiFi Advanced

This functionality, which is accessible in the overwhelming majority of Charter’s 41-state service area, gives Spectrum Internet deals and WiFi consumers more power and access to their home WiFi networks. This provides an informative user interface (which is also available from the My Spectrum App), which enables consumers to view all linked products and interrupt internet connectivity on every particular computer.

Statements That Are Easier to Read

Charter has also improved its bill statements’ accuracy to provide consumers with more information. Customers that add Spectrum offerings offer an itemized overview of the projected taxation, costs, incentives, and rewards included in their monthly cost, as well as the end dates for promotional pricing. Customers can access their balances and payment information electronically without having to request a PDF.

New Spectrum Mobile Devices Can Be Ported

Enabled Spectrum Mobile customers can port their phone numbers and unlock new devices with the Spectrum Mobile App, which adds convenience and simplifies the smartphone activation process.

Charter Communications, Inc. is a market-leading internet access provider and cable network with over 31 million subscribers in 41 states under the Spectrum brand. The organization provides a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge residential and business services through an integrated communications network, including Spectrum Internet®, TV, Mobile, and Voice.

Spectrum Business® offers the same suite of broadband and services as Spectrum Enterprise®, along with additional capabilities and apps to boost competitiveness. In contrast, Spectrum Enterprise® provides extremely tailored, fiber-based systems for larger enterprises and government agencies. Spectrum Reach® creates and distributes targeted ads and content for today’s digital ecosystem. Additionally, the spectrum internet deals and TV services provide its consumers with award-winning news coverage, sports coverage, and high-quality original content from Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals.

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