Spectrum Scholars Apprenticing at Charter for a Promising Future

Spectrum Scholars

Covering large city politics, analyzing enterprise-level statistics, and delving into charitable community support are just a few of the tasks Spectrum Scholars college students Shaun Anderson, Mariel Segovia, and Valentina Solci will work on during their summer internships at Charter Communications.

The two-year Spectrum Scholars program, which began in May 2020, would provide scholarships to deserving rising entrepreneurs with financial needs. Charter, in collaboration with various organizations, chose 20 students to receive $20,000 each for usage throughout their junior and senior years.

Additionally, they are partnered with a mentor. So, they have the chance to do an internship and eventually have the chance to work full-time with Charter after graduation. Charter, in addition to giving affordable spectrum internet prices, TV, and phone services, is making a big contribution to societal affairs.

Rhonda Crichlow, the Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for Charter Communication, says in this regard:

“This program is a wonderful investment in the development of our future workforce and furthers our commitment to investing back into the diverse communities we serve,”

She further added:

“We look forward to engaging with these college students and introducing them to the many different career opportunities within our company.”

First Step Toward a Meaningful Career

Anderson, one of the inaugural Spectrum Scholars interns, works as a Quality Analyst for Spectrum Enterprise in Charlotte, North Carolina. There, she is responsible for assisting the Quality Assurance team with data analytics and interaction reviews in order to ensure the highest quality service delivery.

In an interview, Anderson, a marketing student at Tennessee State University acknowledges the Spectrum Scholar program’s contribution in the following way:

“The Spectrum Scholars program has been an amazing opportunity for me to meet professionals in my field at Spectrum and to gain some invaluable insight into the company.”

She further added: “This internship will help me reach my goals of working in a corporate organization in the field of marketing. It will give me the much-needed work experience to be able to solidify a full-time job offer or attend graduate school upon graduation.”

Spectrum Scholars Gain a Foothold in the Telecommunications Industry

The internship program is intended to expose interns to careers that align with their academic and personal interests in order to help them develop skills that will make them more valuable as future workers. Additionally, students will have the chance to build excellent collaboration skills while maintaining their independence.

Perhaps most significantly, these interns will get the opportunity to “test-drive” their desired professions, determining if the real job fits their expectations.

Another student Segovia, a University of New Haven cybersecurity and networks student who is interning with Charter’s Community Impact team shared her views as:

“I’m very excited to meet new people in this area of expertise and learn about the ways that I can contribute to helping communities through Spectrum’s community impact initiatives. I believe that this internship will introduce me to a new atmosphere. I’ve worked at a charity organization for many years, but I believe the expertise and exposure gained from working for a Fortune 100 business on community impact initiatives would be unique and valuable.”

An Investment in Each Scholar’s Future

One of the most significant benefits for these interns is the real-world experience they acquire while still in school by working in a business setting, which enables them to enhance their developing resumes prior to joining the employment. Because these interns have worked in a business setting and are acquainted with business culture, they are now better prospects.

Solci, a student at The New School and an intern at Spectrum Networks NY1 Digital in New York City, will assist with research, editing, pitching, and writing stories, as well as shadowing reporters. All of this will help her develop her talents and portfolio.

She says: “This internship is truly a dream come true for me and a huge stepping stone for my career as a journalist/reporter. I am immensely grateful that, despite the ongoing pandemic, I was able to apply and be selected for such a prestigious NYC-based journalism internship.”

The Verdict

Charter Communications, a company well-known for its affordable spectrum internet prices and TV services, is making a massive contribution to education in the form of the Spectrum Scholars Program. This internship will enable our youth to work progressively and come up with extraordinary dreams that Charter will make possible.


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