Spectrum Reach Invests $50 Million for the New Initiative

spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach, Charter Communications’ advertisement distribution division, reported a $50 million investment in media, tools, and artistic services as part of the “Connecting Communities” program to assist companies in reaching and engaging multicultural markets. Spectrum Reach has committed $15 million in funding and resources for multicultural-owned companies in a “Pay it Forward” scheme, as well as $35 million in advertising value to assist small and medium-sized businesses in developing effective and authentic advertising strategies. Hence, just like spectrum internet prices, spectrum reach is also proving to be best so far.

What Spectrum Reach’s Vice President Has to Say?

“In our increasingly diverse society, it has never been more important for businesses to understand and engage multicultural audiences,” said Michael Guth, Spectrum Reach’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “We know businesses are trying to reach diverse audiences, and with our expertise, products, and resources, we can help them broaden their reach and build stronger, long-lasting relationships with their multicultural customers.”

The announcement of “Connecting Communities” was marked by an exclusive webinar for business owners showcasing three of the country’s most prominent entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Earvin “Magic” Johnson, NBA Hall of Famer and Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises; Nely Galán, a former Entertainment President at Telemundo, Emmy Award-winning creator, and New York Times best-selling author; and Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and Executive Chairman of KIND Snacks, all shared their perspectives on managing a multicultural environment and growing a thriving company. SpectrumReach.com offers the webinar for free.

Pay it Forward Scheme of Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach’s “Pay it Forward” scheme would connect participating multiculturally-owned companies in more than 40 regions around the company’s footprint with the full force of Spectrum Reach’s sponsorship experience, programs, and merchandise, as well as connections to and perspectives from celebrity entrepreneurs. Reach will hold “Pay it Forward” mentorship webinars in June with celebrity entrepreneurs and company owners to offer advice, encouragement, and inspiration for creating and developing a profitable brand. There is no doubt that spectrum internet prices have been remarkable for the consumers, and the Spectrum Reach Program seems like a cherry on top!

Additionally, participating companies can obtain committed assistance from Spectrum Reach’s distribution and creative teams, as well as a three-month personalized TV schedule, created utilizing Reach’s award-winning AudienceApp media planning platform and complimentary tailored advertising. SpectrumReach.com/forward has more material, like an application.

Perks of Going with Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach is giving current and established clients a 20% match, up to a gross monthly value of $20,000, for every new TV ad bought thru June. Additionally, new clients will receive a 10% inventory match on freshly acquired streaming TV campaigns, up to a cumulative monthly amount of $2,000, and current clients will receive a 5% match on streaming TV campaigns purchased by June. Spectrum Reach, in collaboration with Waymark, would also provide every company or entrepreneur with a complimentary customized film. Businesses of all sizes will produce personalized 30-second advertisements for use on streaming and social media channels, as well as broadcast television, until the end of August.

Spectrum Reach will also host interactive “Breaking Bread” gatherings for marketers to exchange concepts and create a culture around food on a regional level. Reach also collaborated with area chambers of commerce to hold networking activities during the summer, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Black Chamber of Commerce, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Spectrum Reach like spectrum internet prices enable businesses of all sizes to leverage the strength of multiscreen ads by providing a streamlined one-stop-shop for marketing strategies.

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