Spectrum On-Demand Honors Pride Month with Some Stellar Films


Spectrum celebrates Pride Month by offering an on-demand film collection that emphasizes LGBTQ stories, including Rami Malek, the winner of the Academy Award® in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Nicole Kidman, in “Boy Erased,” and Julianne Moore and Oscar® nominee Annette Benning as the same-sex couple raising teenage girls.

If you are not a subscriber of Spectrum TV and on-demand films are not available, you can use any spectrum internet packages to stay ahead of the game. Let’s discuss some of the best stories that spectrum has decided to add to his on-demand film collection

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a footballing Queen’s celebration, her music, and her remarkable leading singer Freddie Mercury. Freddie challenged stereotypes and shattered convention as one of the world’s most popular entertainers.

The movie depicts the band’s phenomenal growth with its iconic songs and its transformative sound. They have a unique success, but in an odd twist, Freddie rejects Queen in the course of his solo career in the middle of darker perceptions. After suffering greatly without Queen’s cooperation, Freddie manages to form an alliance just at the moment for Live Aid with his bandmates.

Bravely faced with a recent diagnosis of AIDS, Freddie leads the band to one of the most important performances in rock music heritage. Queen cemented a legacy that inspires foreigners, dreamers, and music fans to this day.

Films will start today in the “Pride Month” category of the Spectrum On-Demand portal. The list includes the following International Films:

Dating Amber

“Dating Amber” by two friends from Ireland who form a relationship with each other to stop speculating about their sexuality. In order to fit in, two high school classmates decided to create a faux homosexual relationship.

And Then We Danced

“And Then We Danced” by a male dancer for the National Georgian Ensemble who experiences a rivalry and romance that could cost him his dream. The film follows Merab, a competing dancer who is knocked off balance by the entrance of Irakli, a fellow male dancer with a rebellious spirit, among the strict constraints of contemporary Tbilisi.

Boy Erased

Jared Eamons, son of a Baptist minister in the tiny city, must confront the repercussions after becoming homosexual to his parents. His mom and dad battle to harmonize love for their son and faith. Jared is forced to enter a conversion treatment program in fear of the loss of loved ones, friends, and community. Jared conflicts with his commander and starts his quest to discover his own voice and embrace his own self.

The On-Demand Portal also includes the following amazing and enjoyable movies:

Brash Boys Club

“Brash Boys Club” with three different gay comedians in 2020 doing a one-night stand-up, LGBTQ comedy event with a half-hour performance each.

Love Simon

“Love Simon,” with Jennifer Garner as the mother of a gay son who understands his identity

“Tell it to the bees,” with Anna Paquin being a doctor in the 1950s who is distorted by his community when she begins a relationship with another woman.

All of these movies are going to be a very cool addition to spectrum on-demand shows. These are definitely going to add fun to it. However, if you do not have the spectrum on-demand service, you might wish to suffice with spectrum internet packages.

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