Spectrum NY1 & CUNY’s Newmark: Meet Tomorrow’s Storytellers


A one-hour program will broadcast on July 20 at 8 p.m. on Spectrum News NY1 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Newmark J-School to local journalism as part of their shared commitment to local journalism.

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NY1 & CUNY’s Newmark: Meet Tomorrow’s Storytellers

NY1 & CUNY’s Newmark: Meet Tomorrow’s Storytellers, hosted by NY1 political anchor Errol Louis, will highlight the J-prestigious School’s 16-month master’s degree programs as well as its other offerings aimed at diversifying the news industry and assisting journalists at every stage of their careers.

Spectrum News NY1’s Helen Swenson, Vice President, Content and News, stated that both CUNY and NY1 are historic organizations committed to serving New Yorkers. We are pleased to have many Newmark alums and instructors working at NY1, and we believe that displaying this prestigious university’s curriculum will inspire future generations of journalists.

Newmark students, alumni, and adjunct faculty who are NY1 journalists and producers will be featured in the documentary, “NY1 & CUNY’s Newmark: Meet Tomorrow’s Storytellers,” which will detail the school’s bilingual, documentary, broadcast, and other programs.

The documentary will also feature political reporter Juan Manuel Benitez, Bronx reporter Amy Yeni, and transit reporter Dan Rivoli, among others.

Newmark J-School Dean Sarah Bartlett said, this collaboration enables us to continue our long-standing connection with NY1. It also serves to increase awareness about the significance of local journalism and the necessity of supporting our bright and worthy students.

Journalism Creators Program

Some of the highlights will include a look at the school’s drone journalism program, its entrepreneurial “Journalism Creators Program,” and two Bronx newspapers that are run entirely by students. It is a very good addition to spectrum internet packages!

Additional panel discussions with Newmark students and professors will be moderated by Louis, who has been teaching urban reporting at the school for more than a decade. Among the topics being discussed are “The Clemency Project,” a collaborative initiative by the J-School and CUNY Law School that is focused on criminal-justice reform, and “Engagement Journalism,” the J-groundbreaking School’s curriculum that is focused on addressing the needs of communities.


A mobile campaign, in which people may text the phrase “Newmark” to the number (929) 264-5450 to benefit the school’s scholarship fund, will also run on NY1 until the middle of August, including segments highlighting Newmark students.

It was established on August 24, 2006, at the City University of New York, and it is the only publically-funded graduate journalism school in the Northeast.

The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York (CUNY)

Awarded national recognition for its innovative curriculum in 2006, the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York (CUNY) was established in 2006. Students from a variety of economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds are taught to create high-quality journalism at the only public graduate journalism school in the northeastern United States.

As the profession rapidly reinvents itself for the digital age, the Newmark J-School is at the forefront of providing the next generation of journalists with the tools they need to find stories and tell them effectively – using print, broadcast, visual, interactive, and social media – in order to advance the profession.

Master of Arts in Journalism (which includes a bilingual curriculum in both English and Spanish) and the nation’s first Master of Arts in Engagement Journalism are available via the institution.

Spectrum Networks

“Spectrum Networks” refers to a collection of 24-hour news and sports networks owned and managed by Charter Communications, Inc., a major broadband connectivity business and cable operator serving more than 31 million subscribers in 41 states. Broadcasting on more than 30 networks throughout Charter’s service area, Spectrum internet packages provides unique, extensive, and exclusive local content.

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