Spectrum News 1 to Broadcast Driving the Border: Mile by Mile!

Spectrum News 1

With the Biden administration implementing new immigration measures, journalists from Spectrum News 1 Southern California and Texas are going to spend two weeks travelling. The journey is almost 1,950-kilometre US-Mexico border, providing an in-depth look at changing economic and cultural conditions and issues at the heart of the border crisis.

Furthermore, the Giselle Fernandez Anchor of Southern California will fly to Guatemala to explore the first official visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to the area. In addition, the agenda of Spectrum News 1 includes exploring the causes fueling record migrations from Central America to the United States.

Driving the Border: Mile by Mile

Driving the Border: Mile by Mile, special series reports are being broadcast daily on Spectrum News 1 and others from 7 to 18 June and culminating in a 1-hour special on 8 July, 9 p.m. PT/8 p.m. CT.

“Driving the Border: Mile by Mile goes beyond politics and rhetoric and provides in-depth reporting and storytelling about the people, places, and issues most impacted by the border conditions,” said Cater Lee in an interview, who happens to be the Vice President, News and Content, Spectrum News 1, Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Internet.

In addition to this, she reiterated: “This joint collaboration between our Southern California and Texas networks will take viewers on an objective tour to observe, experience, and understand the unique conditions along every inch of the border, and the direct impact of the changing immigration policies.”

Tenure of the Series

The first week of this series on Spectrum News 1, from 7 to 11 June, Fernandez will spend on the ground in Guatemala explore the roots of the migration to the United States of Central Americans. The main areas include the following subjects:

  • Poverty
  • Lack of training
  • Violence
  • Global change

Spectrum News 1 Texas anchor Brett Shipp will continue the U.S. border trek from the Gulf of Mexico into the Pacific, travelling over the border of Texas and making stops in Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo, Rio Grande Village, and El Paso, TX, while Fernandez reports from Guatemala. The next week, Fernandez joins the shipping company to go along the remaining borders.

Towards the End of the Trip

This trip will take them to Calexico, California, before terminating in San Diego. It takes them from Texas across Arizona with stops at Douglas, Nogales, and San Luis. More than a dozen multimedia and digital journalists will also film and report on the ground, offering a more in-depth background and viewpoint on the migrant issue to depict individuals living on both sides of the issue.

In conjunction with market research firm Ipsos, Spectrum Internet and Networks has carried out an exclusive Ipsos/Spectrum Nets poll to collect national and state-level attitudes in California and Texas on topics relating to border and immigration to complement Spectrum News 1 daily coverage.

Reporting of the Collected Data

Survey findings will be reported every day, alongside the news that day. The survey findings will be reported. Digital journalists from Spectrum are also going to break down local and national results and analyze these problems further in the Spectrum News 1 App. A continuing, live blog from journalists on the border crossing over the two-week trip will also be included in the exclusive coverage of the app.

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