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Spectrum News is a localized news channel exclusively for Spectrum customers. With the acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications in 2016, all the channels that fell under Time Warner Cable News were rebranded as Spectrum News. Similarly, many of the regional sports channels and networks came under the umbrella of Spectrum Sports.

The news channels are remarkably providing all important and relevant regional news very responsibly. Their 24/7 coverage of news, sports, weather, and everything happening around in your immediate surroundings is something really admiring. We have quite a large number of national and international news channels, but we didn’t have one to rely on when it came to regional and local channels.

However, with the merger of Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications, Spectrum has made the news much more interesting and timelier than ever before!

Spectrum News Service Areas

As we know that Spectrum provides the news state or region-wise. Hence, there are different channels for different states. Their work includes the following states and areas that they are covering:

California (LA – West, San Fernando Valley/Ventura, LA – East/Inland Empire, Orange County)

Florida (Tampa, Orlando)

New York City (All Boroughs, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Noticias, Queens, Staten Island)

Upstate New York (Buffalo, Capital Region, Central NY, Hudson Valley, Jamestown, North Country, Rochester, Southern Tier)

North Carolina (Central NC, Charlotte, Coastal Triad)

Texas (Austin, San Antonio)

Ohio (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo)

Kentucky (Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville, Northern KY)

Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay)

The Channels Covering Different States

Different Channels that cover different states in the USA under the umbrella of Spectrum includes the following:

Spectrum News Austin

The channel is headquartered in the capital of the state of Austin. It covers different parts of central and south-central Texas. Spectrum News Austin channels offer a mix of taped shows and live news. It mainly focuses on the Austin metropolitan area. In addition to this, it provides the consumers with traffic reports and sports updates.

Channel Numbers

Austin: Channels 1, 8, 308 (SD), Channel 1508 (HD)

San Antonio: Channels 14 and 200 (SD)


Spectrum News Buffalo

Buffalo is a region of New York. The channel serves in the Buffalo region and most other parts of western New York except for a few parts of Cattaraugus County. However, it is not abandoned – instead, the Atlantic broadband serves them. It acquired its name on September 20, 2016, and is known as Spectrum News Buffalo since then.

Channel Numbers

Western New York: Channel 9 (SD)

Buffalo: Channel 14 (SD)

Rochester: Channel 1277 (SD)


Spectrum News Capital Region

Spectrum News Capital Region mainly covers the Capital District region of New York – and parts of the Hudson Valley region. In September 2016, it acquired its name as the Spectrum News Capital Region/ Hudson Valley. The channel has its headquarters in Albany, New York, and is mostly known as Channel 9 in most of the region except a few towns of Queensbury, Canajoharie, Berkshire County, and Massachusetts, etc.

Channel Numbers

Eastern New York: Channels 1, 9, and 200 (SD)

Queensbury: Channels 1 and 78 (SD)

Canajoharie: Channels 1 and 97 (SD)

Northern Berkshire County: Channel 7 (SD)

Southern Berkshire County: Channel 95 (SD)


Spectrum News Central New York/ Southern Tier/ North Country

This channel is responsible for serving central New York and is headquartered in Syracuse. It also operates in the Southern Tier and the North County. Unlike the other YNN channels, it is not carried on Channel 9. Almost 500,000 subscribers have subscribed to Spectrum News Central New York and are quite satisfied with its service.

Channel Numbers

Central New York: Channels 1, 10, 200, and 213


Spectrum News 1 for Dallas-Fort Worth

Launching last year in October 2020, Spectrum News 1 serves Dallas, Fort Worth, and Wichita Falls. In addition to these main areas, it also serves Western and Southern Texas.

At the time of its launch, many different team members accompanied Spectrum News 1 for Dallas-Fort Worth, such as many anchors, meteorologists, reporters, and other specialists.


Spectrum News 1 for North Carolina

Spectrum News 1 North Carolina extends out its services in the entire state of North Carolina – and particularly the areas like the Research Triangle, the Piedmont Triad, Charlotte, and Wilmington. The channel is quite remarkably providing the broadcasts that keep people updated 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It primarily focuses on North Carolina, but some of the shows divert from it – such as In Focus, the regional version of Capital Tonight, and the Sports Night channel. Spectrum News 1 North Carolina has its headquarters maintained in Atlantic Avenue.

Channel Numbers

North Carolina: Channels 1, 14, and 200

Lillington: Channels 11 and 711


Spectrum News Rochester

In addition, to server Rochester, Spectrum News Rochester serves New York and surrounding areas as well. The channel is one of the oldest channels. It provides 24 hours rolling news about Rochester and the nearby areas. Moreover, it continues its original pattern in which there are slots for talk shows, sitcoms, a prime time movie, and rebroadcasts of late-night news.

Channel Numbers

Rochester: Channels 9 and 14 (SD&HD), Channel 200 (HD), Channel 1020 (VOD)


Spectrum News 1 for Kentucky, Southwestern Ohio, and Southern Indiana

Spectrum News 1 serves a great many areas such as Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, Owensboro, Evansville, Indiana, and many other Kentucky communities. It gives 24/7 updates about your relevant region as well as giving our rolling news and looped weather forecasts.

Channel Numbers

Kentucky: Channel 999


Spectrum News 1 for Ohio

It was launched in 2018 as a statewide news channel providing services 24/7. Today, Spectrum News 1 for Ohio covers Ohio’s largest cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and others. It gives all the regional news and the localized weather forecasts. The great thing about Spectrum News 1 is that it focuses less on crime stories – and more on topics like journalism, community, and weather. Moreover, it is the home of the Ohio High School Football and Basketball Championships.

Channel Numbers

Ohio: Channel 1


Spectrum News 1 for Southern California

For Southern California, the channel also serves as a 24-hour news channel regarding everything about what’s happening around and the weather updates. Its morning news show The Best on 1 is a very significant and popular show. The rest of the day passes with rolling local newscasts and weather forecasts.


Spectrum News 1 for Wisconsin

The channel serves different areas such as Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, and other Fox Cities. It provides all the news about the state of Wisconsin and other details about the areas it is covering. The channel is available to all Spectrum subscribers living in Wisconsin in HD quality.

Channel Numbers

Wisconsin: Channels 1, 999 (SD), 1001 (HD)


Spectrum News Massachusetts

Spectrum News 1 was launched in Massachusetts in December 2019. It serves parts of Central and Western Massachusetts along with Southwestern New Hampshire. In addition to these areas, it also serves Worcester and Pittsfield. Its signature sports program, Friday Night Football Frenzy, is a very popular show. It particularly focuses on the local sports coverage – including basketball, baseball, and other games.


What’s New?

Spectrum Network has finally ensured the availability of Spectrum News 1 to all its customers across the North Carolina mountain region. This is undoubtedly a very good addition to the Charter Spectrum family. Now Spectrum has expanded its services to Asheville and North Carolina mountain regions in addition to Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point, Winston- Salem, Wilmington, and other coastal regions.

The Spectrum News 1 show line up for North Carolina Mountain Region is going to be super exciting and involves the following shows:

Program Anchor Meteorologist Schedule
Your Morning on Spectrum News 1 Ryan O’Donnell Katie Walls 5 AM


Your Afternoon on Spectrum News 1 Claudine Chalfant Matthew East

Doug Lindsay

At Noon


Your Evening on Spectrum News 1 Britni McDonald

Mike Dunston

Jeff Crum 5 PM and 10 PM

During the Week

Morning News and Weather Reports Jonathan Lowe Lindsay 6 AM

Weekends only

In Focus

(Weekly exclusive)

Loretta Bonita Sundays at 11:30 AM
Capital Tonight (Award-Winning) Tim Boyum 7 PM

During the Week

Chevrolet Sports Night Mike Solarte

JB Ricks

10:30 PM


Wrapping Up

Earlier this year, Spectrum News 1 launched the Spectrum News App. It is amazing conjunction for the local communities to have more to read, watch, listen and learn about news updates at any time anywhere. Spectrum News provides all the states and areas with their relevant information – be it political, crime, traffic reporting, and weather forecasting. Hence, it’s a great initiative by Charter Communications, which is significantly spreading its area of services.

No matter if it’s the spectrum internet deals, phone deals, or TV service, everything is just on point. If you are a Spectrum subscriber, you call to avail of these TV channels easily. However, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you can check out the prices and packages, or call at 1-800-370-0251, and one of our representatives will assist you!


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