Spectrum Mobile Seams past Rivals with the Fastest Speeds

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile delivered faster overall speeds for the seventh consecutive quarter than any other mobile provider in its footprint – a milestone that reflects the company’s success in providing speed-savvy consumers with the best possible mobile experience via its converged WiFi and cellular service. It turns out that spectrum internet packages and Spectrum Mobile are also striving hard to get better!

Spectrum’s higher speeds enable mobile users to stream movies and television programs, play video games with minimal buffering, download applications faster, and buy and search online, whether at home, on the move, or at their favourite local business.

Spectrum Mobile Internet Speeds

Spectrum Mobile subscribers enjoyed internet speeds that were 43% faster than those of Verizon, 41% faster than those of T-Mobile, and 29% faster than those of AT&T in the first quarter of 2021, according to data gathered by Global Wireless Solutions and The Nielsen Co.

This continues a trend that began in the third quarter of 2019 and has continued in each subsequent quarter, in which Spectrum Mobile’s overall download speeds – calculated by comparing Spectrum’s average combined WiFi and cellular speeds to those of its competitors within its 41-state operating footprint – were significantly faster than those received by customers of the big three carriers.

Statement from Charter’s Representative

“These results show that Spectrum Mobile is the clear choice for consumers who care about speed and value from their mobile provider,” said Danny Bowman, Chief Mobile Officer for Charter Communications, which offers spectrum internet packages and brands of internet connection services. “By blending our state-of-the-art WiFi with our cellular service, including 5G and 4G LTE, we’re giving customers access to the fastest mobile service available and doing so in a way that gives them the freedom to use their favourite devices the way they want, while saving them money.”

Why is Spectrum Mobile’s network faster than that of other mobile carriers?

Spectrum Mobile’s convergent WiFi and cellular service are designed to mirror how people currently use their mobile devices. Whereas mobile communications were originally limited to cellular networks, the great majority of mobile data consumption now happens through WiFi, according to The NPD Group’s most recent Data Consumption Report.

Around 80% of data traffic on Spectrum Mobile happens over faster WiFi, as users connect their devices to WiFi networks both inside and outside the house, with the remaining 20% using cellular networks.

WiFi is no longer an add-on to mobile communications. It is the bedrock of the consumer’s daily mobile experience. By bundling Spectrum Mobile with its Home Internet service, Advanced In-Home WiFi, and more than 500,000 Out-of-Home WiFi access points, Charter has integrated WiFi into Spectrum Mobile’s services. This is enabling the company to offer customers significantly cheaper data plans and significantly faster speeds than those offered by competitors. Hence, after spectrum internet packages for home, Charter is deepening its root for Mobile internet users as well.

And, more importantly, consumers respond: Spectrum Mobile, in addition to having the best overall speeds, has been the fastest expanding mobile provider for five consecutive quarters.

Prices and Plans for Spectrum Mobile

Customers may pick from a variety of straightforward data plans, beginning at $14/gig and going up to $45/month for unlimited data. Unlimited talk and text are included with all plans. Spectrum Mobile also has the following features:

  • Flexible pricing plans that may be changed at no extra expense as business requirements change.
  • Monthly payment options with no interest on the most popular mobile handsets.
  • Customers have the option of bringing their own phone.
  • All options offer 4G and 5G connectivity at no additional cost, with no commitments or additional taxes.

Fastest Overall Speed

Fastest Overall Speed claim based on cellular and WiFi speed test results from Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. for Spectrum, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon mobile users in the Spectrum service region from 7/1/2020 to 3/31/2021.

The “Fastest Growing Mobile Provider” claim is based on subscriber statistics from the first quarter of 2021. Internet service provided by Spectrum or any spectrum internet packages is required. Moreover, it requires auto-pay. After 20 GB of use per line on Unlimited, speeds will go down.

Charter’s Background

Charter Communications, Inc. is a prominent broadband connection provider and cable operator with over 31 million users in 41 states under the Spectrum brand. The firm provides a comprehensive variety of modern household and commercial services over a sophisticated communications network, including Spectrum Internet®, TV, Mobile, and Voice.

Spectrum Business® offers the same suite of broadband products and services as Spectrum Enterprise®, but with additional features and applications designed to boost productivity, while Spectrum Enterprise® provides highly customized, fibre-based solutions for larger businesses and government entities. Spectrum Reach® develops and produces targeted advertising and content for today’s media environment. Additionally, Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals provide their consumers with award-winning news coverage, sports coverage, and high-quality original content.

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