Spectrum Mobile Partners with Motorola for Best Experiences

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Spectrum Mobile has expanded its smartphone selection with the acquisition of the Moto E and Moto G Play. Spectrum, the nation’s fastest-growing mobile provider, and Motorola, the nation’s fastest-growing Android device manufacturer, have partnered to offer flexible data packages starting at $14 per month and devices starting at $5 per month.

What a perfect blend for customers looking for the best value in the mobile network, right?

What the Chief Mobile Officer Has to Say?

“Spectrum Mobile is redefining the mobile experience for customers by delivering the fastest speeds, simple monthly plans, and the best devices – and now that includes Motorola’s Moto E and Moto G Play phones,” said Danny Bowman, Chief Mobile Officer for Charter Communications, Inc., which currently runs the Spectrum Internet and other products of television, voice, and mobile services.

Additionally, he said: “The addition of Motorola to our lineup of devices is a win for budget-conscious customers who want to stay connected at home and on the go while saving money.”

Motorola Cell Phones Are Now Available Through Spectrum Mobile

Motorola Phones Specifications

  • Dual Camera

Moto E is equipped with a 13 MP dual camera and a battery life of up to two days.

  • Display, Processor, and Fingerprint

Additionally, the Moto E offers an ultra-wide 6.2-inch Max Vision display that brings movies, programs, and games to life, an octa-core processor, and thumbprint unlocking.

  • Gaming Experience

Moto G Play delivers even more capability, with an incredibly 6.5″ HD display for gaming, movies, and voice calls.

  • Water-resistant Design

Motorola phones have a water-resistant design that makes them more valuable.

  • Battery life

It has a gigantic 5,000 mAh battery that lasts up to three days.

Prices of Motorola Phones at Spectrum Retail Locations

Both smartphones are now available at Spectrum retail locations nationally and online. Prices begin at $119.99 for the Moto E, or $5 per month for two years, and $167.99 for the Moto G Play, or $7 per month for two years. Both options are with 0% interest on handset monthly payments.

Spectrum Mobile Is More Rapidly Growing Than Other Mobile Carriers

Spectrum Mobile technology integrates Spectrum Internet and its countrywide 5G and 4G LTE access with Home Internet, Advanced In-Home WiFi, and more than 500,000 Out-of-Home WiFi wireless routers, enabling Spectrum to offer consumers the most affordable data plans and the quickest overall speeds.

Spectrum Mobile’s much faster connections enable consumers to watch movies and television series and play video games with minimal latency, download applications more quickly, and buy and search online whether at home, on the move, or at their favourite local business.

Prices and Plans for Spectrum Mobile

Customers may pick from a variety of straightforward data plans, beginning at $14/gig and going up to $45/month for unlimited internet. Unlimited talk and text are included with all plans. Spectrum Mobile also has the following features:

  • Flexible pricing plans that may be changed at no extra expense as business requirements change.
  • Monthly payment options with no interest on the most successful digital handsets.
  • Customers have the option of bringing their own phone.

All options offer 4G and 5G connectivity at no additional cost, with no commitments or additional taxes.

Charter’s Background

Charter Communications, Inc. is a prominent broadband connection provider and cable network with over 31 million users in 41 states under the Spectrum brand. The firm provides a comprehensive variety of modern household and commercial services over a sophisticated communications network, including Spectrum Internet, TV, Mobile, and Voice.

Spectrum Business offers the same set of broadband products and services as Spectrum Enterprise, but with additional features and applications designed to boost productivity, while Spectrum Enterprise provides highly customized, fibre-based solutions for larger businesses and government entities.

Spectrum Reach develops and produces targeted advertising and content for today’s media environment. Additionally, Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals provide their consumers with award-winning media coverage, sports news, and high-quality original content.

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