If you have a spectrum internet, you must have heard about spectrum mobile as well. However, most of us are generally unaware of how it works – as it gets pretty confusing sometimes. Spectrum Mobile is a visible manifestation of how an internet provider joins hands with a telecom company to stock up its range of services.

How Does Spectrum Mobile Work?

First things first – spectrum mobile is available only for people who have subscribed to spectrum internet packages and deals. Coming to how it works – it allows you to pay only for what you consume. However, Spectrum Mobile customers will get unlimited talk time and text messages for only $49.99 per month. In addition to this, this $49.99 will include the first gigabit of data that will be free. However, any data consumption on top of it will cost you an extra amount.

It is pretty simple and cost-effective, but only if your usage stays between 1 GB and 3 GB. However, if you exceed, you will be liable to pay the extra amount. So that ultimately depends on you, how much internet you need outside your home or office.

Perks of Choosing Spectrum Mobile

As promised by Charter Spectrum, it never fails to introduce great discounts and packages for its customers. Similarly, in this case, Spectrum Mobile offers really incredible discounts and perks.

The first notable thing that you will get with Spectrum Mobile is the hotspot facility. It offers almost 5 GB of data dedicated to hotspot tethering. It means that you can browse at lightning-fast internet speeds on any of your devices.

However, after the limit has reached, the speed declines, but still, it does not really go off completely.

On top of that, Spectrum Mobile is offering the latest 5G technology that’s not available in many mobiles as yet. However, if your mobile supports 5G, you will be glad to employ this higher level of technology.

Spectrum Mobile Packages

Although there are not many packages that it is offering to its customers right now, they are still something. After all, something is better than nothing. The two major plans that Spectrum Mobile offers are listed below:

The Spectrum Unlimited Plan

The Spectrum unlimited plan is $49.99 per month. Most people prefer it as it gets you unlimited data and talk-time on a monthly basis. You do not have to bear the stress of running low on data or minutes.

The Spectrum Gig Plan

It allows you to pay for what you consume. It is suitable for people who do not generally use much data and do not make many calls. Hence, you do not have to pay a fixed amount every month, but you can pay as per your consumption.

Coverage Area of Spectrum Mobile

As we are aware that Spectrum internet is available to more than 44 states in the USA, it won’t be an understatement to designate it as one of the USA’s best companies so far – it might be because of coverage area or quality of the services.

However, to ensure the maximum benefits for its customers, Spectrum makes use of Verizon to provide its customers with mobile services. If we think of it, it’s a good step on behalf of Spectrum, as it ensures that the customers don’t suffer from any problem, if when they are taking the services from Verizon.

With the merger of the best network and telecom company with the best internet company, the customers will have a lot to gain. Since Verizon and Spectrum both cover more than 70% of the USA, it would be fair for its customers at every cost.

Data Speeds for Spectrum Mobile

Verizon download speeds, on average, lie somewhere around 32.2 Mbps, which is sufficiently good! On the other side, the upload speed goes as high as 10 Mbps. The speeds clearly indicate that under this price tag, this is the best that you can get. We can very keenly state that Verizon is just below T-Mobile, and that’s an achievement. Like, really!

If Verizon and Spectrum continue to go in the same direction, the time is not far when they will really be the top choice for the people in the USA.

Disadvantages of Spectrum Mobile

Although Spectrum Mobile is a heart-throb of spectrum customers, it still has a few limitations that need rectifications. The things that we didn’t quite like about Spectrum Mobile include the following:

Must Subscribe to Spectrum Internet

You have to be a spectrum internet customer in order to avail this offer. This sounds quite discriminating on the part of Spectrum. If we view this from the marketing strategy, it doesn’t seem to work a lot. You cannot put a condition on your customers when you want to introduce something new in the market. Moreover, it won’t help to grow and bring in more potential customers.

Limited Packages and Deals for Spectrum Mobile

Another limitation is that Spectrum Mobile has minimal options in terms of plans and packages. When you are in the market, you are often compared with other providers as well. Having companies like AT&T and T-Mobile in the market, it’s not easy to compete with them.

Spectrum Mobile – intentionally or unintentionally has jumped into the market, and now the only way out is to defeat them by providing equivalent services – in terms of quality and packages. Although there is no problem with the service quality, there is a lack of packages that it offers. That’s a drawback that does not let more people subscribe to it.

The fact that AT&T and T-Mobile offer a lot of unlimited data plans, people would never take an interest in the spectrum services. On top of that, some of the other Mobile Virtual Network Operators like Mint offer a variety of plans to their customers.

The Verdict

As for the initial stages that Spectrum Mobile is in, it’s quite impressive how it has been able to introduce itself in the market so far. Having the courage to introduce their own Virtual Mobile Network is praise-worthy in the real sense of the word. However, if they offer more packages and plans for their customers, things will take super flattering turns for them. For further assistance about spectrum mobile, please call at 1-800-370-0251.