Spectrum Home Phone Service Offers Blocking Scam Calls

Spectrum home phone

Spam calls nearly always follow you around. This includes both telemarketing and automated calls. If you prefer to prevent all such calls on your Spectrum home phone service, you can be certain that the call blocking functionality is available to you! This feature is completely free.

The organization has introduced privacy technologies with amazing spectrum internet deals and voice features to prevent unlawful and fraudulent robocalls, hence improving the consumer experience.

Different Types of Call Blocking

Spectrum Voice or Spectrum Home Phone service provides three distinct call blocking options:

Blocking Unwanted Calls

These are calls that do not have a caller ID.

International Call Blocking

By default, this functionality is enabled to assist clients who do not want to receive international calls. All telemarketing and robocalls have been prohibited.

Identifying and Blocking Collect Calls

Collect calls are those in which the person who is phoned pays the cost of the call, not the one who initiated it.

How Do I Activate Call Blocking on My Spectrum Home Phone?

To enable any of the above-mentioned call blocking options, perform these steps:

  • Log in to your Spectrum home phone account if you have one.
  • At the right, click the phone symbol.
  • This will open the Voice Online Manager.
  • Navigate to “settings” from there.
  • When you click on “privacy,” the menu will enlarge.
  • Then choose “call blocking.”
  • Select the button next to the call blocking option that you like.
  • Select “save”

Nomorobo may be configured to block telemarketing calls

You may also prevent unwanted telemarketing and robocalls by using Nomorobo, a third-party call blocking program. You can use spectrum internet deals to get access to this software or app.

This program stops unwanted calls from robocalls and telemarketers automatically. It takes advantage of a database of undesirable phone numbers. When you get a call from a spam number, the call is routed via your home line and the Nomorobo platform. If the program detects a call from an unknown or undesired number, it immediately stops it.

To enable this functionality, perform the following steps:

  • Log in to your Spectrum account if you haven’t already.
  • Online Manager for Open Voice
  • Navigate to “Settings”
  • Select “Peace and Quiet” and then click modify.
  • Switch on Nomorobo
  • Activate the checkbox
  • Select “save”

Utilize the Call Guard Feature to Increase Your Security

Unwanted and fraudulent calls may represent a significant danger to your security. As with their Internet services, Spectrum home phone services include a feature called “call guard.”

This feature protects you from harmful robocalls. Additionally, it delivers caller ID notifications for telemarketing calls, allowing you to choose which inbound calls to answer and which to ignore. This is a brand-new function that will be available in January 2021. It is included at no extra expense for Spectrum home phone subscribers.

How Is It Operated?

Customers may use the call guard functionality via their accounts. You may add several phone numbers to the allow list and guarantee that their calls are never prohibited.

When the call guard feature is enabled, harmful callers are blocked, and notice such as “spam danger” is sent when you get a spam call.

When You Are Not in the Mood, Reject Calls

You may also reject certain calls in addition to blocking them. This functionality is useful when you’re not in the mood to accept calls. The caller receives a pre-recorded message informing them that you are not currently accepting calls. To activate it, just call *60 from your phone, and to deactivate it, call *80.

The Verdict

Take a look at how simple it is to block calls! It’s unsurprising that customers are smitten with the provider’s offerings, whether they’re Spectrum home phone, spectrum internet deals or spectrum TV Packages.

If you need assistance with blocking, or if you continue to receive calls from the blocked number, contact customer service. They can assist you with a variety of inquiries, including the price for Spectrum TV Gold, general inquiries, and even technical concerns such as Spectrum modem login difficulties.

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