Short Film: If Anything Happens I Love You

Short film

I had long been striving and hoping for some fine and dandy short films – until November 20th, when an animated short film, “If Anything Happens I Love You,” premiered on Netflix. However, it wasn’t only a movie that was released; people watched and settled with its ideology – like typical movies. Instead, things got pretty unexpected when it managed to get to the second-top position on Netflix ALL OVER THE WORLD!  

A Short Film on Trending  

After getting on the 2nd top, the story of its success and fame did not stop. Instead, it started trending on the famous app TikTok under the hashtag #ifanythinghappensiloveyou. Moreover, it induced a challenge among the audience, stating that you cannot watch the movie without crying. This intrigued too much curiosity among the people as to how could a video lasting for 12 minutes can get you to cry your eyes out. Cut the story short – we got a lot of reaction like “(sniff-sniff) I have something in my eye.”   

Beginning Sequences of If Anything Happens I Love You  

The short film begins with a couple having their dinner – sitting at the opposite end of the table. Just to mention, the scene so perfectly elaborated a bit of the communication gap between them. Although I can try, I can certainly not express everything that the film gives out in words. Even if I do, I am sure it wouldn’t do justice to the scenes.  

McCormack and Govier have done a fantastic job building the plot so beautifully that it discloses everything just at the right moment – not in the very beginning and not at the just end!   

Isolated within their own shells – they are shown roaming around their house premises, observing some reminiscence of dried paint stains on the wall and a recording player that their pet cat sparks off. The leading sequences of the scenes cue that they must have lost some very special and dear to their heart.   

The Plot of the Short Film  

This short film has a very strong emotional message – it shows the two parents missing their daughter after she has been killed in gunshots that happened in her school. The particular scene exhibits how their shadows or something inside them wanted to go back in the past and stop her daughter from going to school. However, they miserably fail in it. It is when certain gunshots are heard, and the children scream loudly as the sirens start roaring. Out of panic, the daughter texts her parents “If anything happens I love you,” and the last bullet hits her, and she dies.  

Flashbacks in the Short Film  

The flashbacks are what make the movie so sensitive and harrowing. The short film definitely has something that even the joyful moments give the perception of a tragic reality. There had been some conversations, but not too much. The animation is perfect for speaking up for the story itself. The flashbacks depict their daughter’s memories when they have been together – and have lived a happy, healthy life.  

One part unravels with the small family going on a road trip, and then their daughter’s birthday leading to the next flashback in which her parents fell and love. The short yet descriptive flashbacks further show their daughter playing soccer and causing the blotch on the wall – that she painted blue. The transitions are quick and very potent.  

Concluding the Short Film: If Anything Happens I Love You  

The concluding scenes show her parents mourning over their daughter’s death. Whereas the girl, still in their memories, tries to bring them together and help them embrace reality. The short film finally ends when their daughter’s shadow gets more beaming and glittering between the two parents.   

The Verdict  

For a short film like this, it is challenging to get this level of success, fame, and reputation. However, the story has been compelling and empathizing. I’d suggest you keep the tissues handy before you start watching the movie. It shows the real feelings of how the world turns upside down when we lose someone from our family. The film is available to stream online and download – so check out the spectrum internet packages and get the right package for you to enjoy this movie and many more. For further assistance, feel free to call at +1-800-370-0251. 

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