Remote Working Security Tips During COVID-19

Security Tips

What we considered luxury once, it not a luxury anymore, but it has become a necessity. Hence we need to talk about the security tips for online working. We have fancied the idea of working online for a long time, and for us, it was a dream to be able to work from the precincts of our homes. However, when it actually stuck upon us, we were pretty much baffled by the number of threats and menaces it takes along its way.  

Had you ever conjured being thumbtacked in a position that won’t allow you to go out, visit the office, meet friends, eat and dine out, and just enjoy everyday life?   

I’m sure you hadn’t. Nobody had. Not even me.  

Howbeit, we can’t do anything much about it except trying to anneal with the demands of these unprecedented times. With companies and their employees’ official online presence, we have stepped into a puddle of endless cybersecurity risks and hazards. Therefore, what’s most important here is to start thinking about securing your home office before you get subjected to credential information breach or growth hacking.   

The good news is that you can mitigate the risk of cyber threats and keep your company secure by taking certain measures. Let’s discuss some of the security tips here:

Security Tips #1 

Integral Antivirus Software  

The first advice in securing your network is to invest in an inclusive antivirus software suite for your whole team. It upgrades automatically and protects you from a number of cyber threats that you cannot overcome otherwise. A comprehensive suite will help you fight a lot of problems such as:  

  • Zero-day attacks  
  • Malware and viruses  
  • Spyware software  
  • Trojans and Worms  
  • Phishing emails   

Security Tips #2 

Keep your Devices Isolated  

By isolating the devices, it does not mean that they need some sort of quarantine, as in the case of COVID-19. In fact, it is necessary for your work purposes that you keep the work devices away from family members and preferably keeps different devices for work and home.   

Not only you, but your team members should ensure that their devices are not exposed to their family members or especially children. It would be best to keep reminding them about keeping the devices and software safe and well away from their family. These include everything, such as laptops, mobiles, and other hardware.   

Security Tips #3 

Try the Webcam Covers  

Although some people just overthrow the idea of covering their webcam, it’s very critical. You might need to turn on your webcam for conferences, webinars, and video calls as an alternative to physical meetings. However, there would be times where you do not essentially need a webcam.  

In such instances, the hackers can quickly gain access to your webcam without you even noticing it. It not only compromises your privacy but also puts security at stake. They can access your sensitive documents, or in worse cases, hijack your webcam to look around and view your physical surroundings.  

Security Tips #4 

Stronger Company VPN  

During these times, you are more likely to be connected to your company’s VPN connection. The useful as it sounds and seems, it is more prone to hackers who can consider these back doors to enter the system. Therefore, it is quite essential that your company has a documented work from home security policy that the staff follows at any cost.  

You can take some other measures to keep your VPN more robust and secure. These mainly include  

  • Using stronger authentication methods  
  • Enhancing encryption methods  
  • Make sure your employees are changing passwords regularly  
  • Ensure the VPN usage only when it is required  
  • Make sure the passwords are not easy to decipher  

Security Tips #5 

Centralized Storage Location  

If you have set up a cloud or server as the centralized storage location, make sure all your employees are aware of it, and they utilize it for storing all types of information. In case you feel like some of your employees are not comfortable with the cloud storage or are keeping the files locally, you need to communicate with them as soon as possible.  

The purpose of online storage is that even if your local files or data are lost or destroyed, you will have a back-up of it. Moreover, these documents are safe and secure as the attached firewall protects them from any malicious activity.  

Security Tips #6 

Secure Wireless Network  

Now since you are working at home, you need to make sure that your home internet or wifi is secure as well. Nothing guarantees the safety of your networks as much as it does secure your wifi network.  

In order to ensure protection from forced entries, you can enhance the security of your wifi network by taking these measures:   

  • Create a robust alphanumeric password  
  • Change your SSID  
  • Enable Network Encryption  
  • Limit access to required MAC addresses only  
  • Upgrade your router firmware  

Security Tips #7 

Enhance Videoconferencing Security  

You must be hearing about the recent security breaches in videoconferencing services. The most popular platform we know by the name of Zoom has also admitted certain flaws in its software. We do not afford breaching of the company’s legal information and customer credentials at any cost.  

However, the recommended solutions include the following points:  

  • Ensure the meeting is private  
  • Enter by putting a password for entry  
  • Controlling guest access  

Security Tips #8 

Protection of Emails  

Sometimes phishing emails are also a source of disseminating important information that you want to protect. Your team must be able to differentiate between an authentic and phishing email. For example, if you obtain an email and contain an attachment, do not open it until you are 100% sure that it is from a reliable source.  

The Verdict  

Now when we are stuck in this situation for an unforeseeable amount of time, we must secure all networks and connections so that they do not jeopardize the security of our businesses. In this way, we can save our economy from suffering a significant breakdown. It also introduces synergy between your teammates, ensuring the credibility of your team.   

In this regard, you must ensure that you are taking services from an internet service provider with its system well secured and protected. Spectrum is one such provider – and checking out spectrum internet prices will reveal the fact that they are super affordable.

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