Samsung Galaxy S21: What’s New for Spectrum Mobile Users?

Samsung Galaxy S21

Spectrum Mobile is already emerging in the market and gives its competitors a very hard time with its constant inventions and improvements. Moreover, as Spectrum has always been about providing the best for its customers – it is yet here with another amazing offer, and that is Spectrum offering Samsung Galaxy S21 series for the first time ever!  

You must be wondering what’s all this hype about, right?  

So, the hype is about Samsung’s New Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra smartphones. It’s true! Spectrum Mobile is offering different S21 variants, and the pre-orders have already started. According to this offer, the customer who switches to Spectrum Mobile is going to get quite a lot of incentives. These include a $100 trade-in offer, monthly savings, and no extra charges for 5G, no taxes, fees, or contracts.   

What’s Special in Samsung Galaxy S21 Line-up  

The Galaxy S21 series features a new modern design and feel. It has an exceptionally high-quality camera and the most advanced processor Samsung has ever put in a Galaxy device. Moreover, it has introduced its most popular S Pen in the Galaxy S series for the first time ever.   

Spectrum Mobile is becoming the fastest growing mobile provider with its fast speed, nationwide coverage, and 5G and 4G LTE technology. On top of that, it offers WiFi access points outside your home and extensively organized spectrum internet packages for your home internet. Spectrum Mobile offers a data plan starting with $14 per Gig. Alternatively, it offers unlimited plans for $45 per month – for 20 GB and $55 per month for 30 GB.   

Besides, these plans include 4G and 5G access without any taxes, additional fees, or contract limitation.   

General Features of Samsung Galaxy S21 Series  

On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy S21+ features a 6.2-inch display with a much larger battery to facilitate binge-watching on Spectrum Internet. The Galaxy S21 series presents a very dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O 120 Hz adaptive display. It ensures a smooth scrolling and viewing experience for its customers. It is quite significant for reducing eye strain and fatigue as well as providing eye comfort by automatically adjusting the blue light as per the environment and the content being watched.  

With Spectrum Mobile technology, the Galaxy S21 features show many enhanced results with improved 8K snap allowing for more explicit images. It paves the way for better 8K videos, capturing live-action and still shots.  

Introduction of AI into a Samsung Galaxy Device  

The introduction of AI into the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has allowed the users to capture all formats with just one tap. Moreover, the AI-powered camera system assesses and adjusts a scene in its most perfect resolution to capture it seamlessly.   

Its chipset is perfect for high speed and power efficiency as well as for supporting the 5G connectivity. Another mind-blowing feature of the Galaxy S21 series is its Private Share Functions, through which the users can control, protect and monitor their privacy.  

S Pen in Samsung Galaxy S21 to Boost Creativity  

At first, no one would believe in his eyes and ears to hear and see Samsung featuring the S Pen in an S series device. But it’s true. And Samsung has remarkably taken the smartphone experience to a whole new level of creativity and expression. So, for all the creative souls out there – you have what it takes to edit photos, sign documents, and write notes.   

The Camera of  Samsung Galaxy S21 Lineup  

As far as the camera is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has a quad rear camera with and dual Tele lenses. It features a 108MP sensor to capture HDR photos that are 64 times richer in color and three times wider.   

An Enhanced WiFi Technology  

To enhance the connectivity of the phone, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is honored to be one of the first smartphones that are supporting WiFi 6E9. It will ensure a faster internet connection and more bandwidth, allowing you to stream and share content instantly. The fast internet connection support, with super-low latency 5G11, is built to make sure that the user does not suffer from slow video downloading, conferencing, and streaming.  

Available Colors and Variants  

The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G will be available from 29th January in Phantom White, Phantom Gray, Phantom Violet, and Phantom Pink. Hence, it offers both sober – and pop colors to express your creative side more openly. On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G will be available in Phantom Black and Phantom Silver only to give it a more imperial look and feel.  

Wrapping Up  

It is undoubtedly an excellent offer for those who are planning to buy a new phone – and at the same time looking for Mobile phone service with better plans and options. Samsung Galaxy S21 series is exceptional in so many features. Besides, there is nothing to worry about as far as the quality of Spectrum Mobile services is concerned. Spectrum always prioritizes its customers and their choices. Hence, they will give you the best experience you can ever think of.  

For further assistance about Spectrum Mobile and the offers that it has in store for you, you can call at 1-800-370-0251, and one of our representatives will guide you thoroughly about it. Alternatively, you can check the spectrum internet price and packages along with the phone and TV services as well.   

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