Rising Sun: A Fantasy Tale of Two Detectives

Rising Sun

Releasing in 1993, the movie Rising Sun revolves around two detective John Connor (Sean Connery) and Web Smith (Wesley Snipes).

The plot of the Movie: Rising Sun

In a Los Angeles skyscraper under the control of a large Japanese Organization, a woman is found dead. The detectives Connor and Smith are called in to investigate the crime scene. After a while, despite the slow progress of the investigation due to cultural discriminations, the case takes a turn when a security disc shows up. The disc contains footage of the murder, and after investigation – they come up with the revelation that the disc has been tampered. Thus, the detectives realize that what they are dealing with is not a simple murder – but a well-planned cover-up as well.  

The Background of the Story  

The movie “Rising Sun” – a production of Sir Sean Connery, is based on one of the novels of the author Michael Crichton. When I used to watch the movie as a child, it rather appeared a bit slow and kind of “hum-drum” to me. But surprisingly, when I watched it the last time, I began to see the minor details that I could not see as a child. Since then, I have been able to appreciate it a lot more.  

The Charisma of Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes on Screen  

The movie is more of a mystery. Thus, it falls more under the genre of a mystery than it does under Action, Crime, or Drama. In the name of action, it shows nothing more than a few car chases and a fight in the ending part of the movie. However, the mystery of the movie as well as the fascinating duo of Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes together on the screen is what makes it worth watching!  

An Amalgam of Racism and Cultural Clashes  

As a story, Rising Sun is very complicated and is much more than a movie to kill time. It shows a lot going on in the police department – the corruption, racism, and cultural restraints. Although a lot among us did not like the idea of the movie, it’s quite interesting to study the cultures of America and Japan. Tom Graham (as played by Harvey Keitel) feels threatened by the Japanese and feels as if America is being influenced by Japanese culture. This assumption makes him prejudiced, and he never behaves courteously to them.  

Sear Connery as John Connor: The Resemblances  

We see many similarities between the real-life Sean Connery and the character played by him under the name of John Connor. I can imagine why Sir Connery would have found the character intriguing. Apart from being an all-wise and old mentor, John Connor is also a keen golf player, just like Sean. However, the personality of Connor is super engaging, as, throughout the movie, we are not really sure if he is someone to be trusted or not. Moreover, even though we know he is a “good” guy – he is still very mysterious. He has some of the lines in the movie like “Don’t you fuck with me!” and “but of course you are, dear!” that clearly defines him.  

Supporting cast in Rising Sun  

Although the main cast is essential for a movie – but to make it a big hit, the supporting cast is important too. In the supporting cast, we have got Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Eddie Sakamura. He has become one of my favorite characters in the movie.   

As Jingo Asakuma, Tia Carrere also does so well, and she is a real example of beauty with brains. She has been helping Connery and Snipes in their investigation and deciphering the tampered CD. 

Leo Lee like always shows up as a henchman wearing shades and giving a realistic effect to the movie. Although he does not talk much, his support character provides the film with an impression that makes it quite shady to watch. We have then got Ray Wise, Steve Buscemi, Mako, and Tatjana Patitz in the movie.  

The Verdict  

It might be slow as an overall movie, but it’s an awesome duette of Connery and Snipes that makes it worth watching. There is no “extra” but enough drama to keep you engaged and interested in the movie. You should add the movie to your Christmas Watchlist and give it a shot. Find out the spectrum internet prices and get the connection now. The most important aspect of giving with spectrum is that there will be no data caps or data limits.

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