Review of The 100: The Last War

The 100

The 100 moves to its finale, with the 100th episode being better than the half of the final season. However, this by no means undermines the importance and worth of the reason for the season – it’s just the finale is exceptionally grand. Lexa and Abby gaining more influence than ever have been a twist the fans would literally die for. Lexa has an unusually more generous fan base, probably of the fact that she makes such a strong fighter woman. 

IMDb Rating: 7.6

The Most Successful Moments in The 100  

The 100 has had our hearts from the very beginning. The characters have played every role in a way as to be made particularly for the moment. Octavia’s exhausted and wearied decisions about war, Raven, trying to hold it down for everyone since the beginning of the time, and the duo of Emori and Murphy bereaving on what they thought is each other’s deaths. The exquisite reunion of Miller and Jackson juxtaposing with the situation of Murphy and Emori has been a beautiful experience to make it easier for us to say goodbye to our favorite characters.  

Misapprehending Clark’s Actions Since Ever  

Since the beginning of the 100, whenever Clarke takes some tough decisions, she becomes the center of the question for everyone around. Even her closest friends doubt where her loyalties actually lie. But this time, luckily, Clarke did not have to face any drawback of her decisions. Ignoring the rest, Clarke was right about getting Raven in the mix. Although we haven’t quite liked Clarke’s character as there had been many other “powerful” characters to hanker after. Even when we have come down to the series finale, we still question Clarke’s decisions and choices. It’s still ambiguous if they were justified in the first place or not.   

The very brief scenes of Raven pleading for humanity and its peaceful survival during the course of a fantastic season as the 100 had had more sway because of the fact that she was with Abby all along. These two women really mastered the art of becoming the center of attention despite being in the supporting roles.   

Clarke’s Reunion with Lexa  

It has always been promising to see Lexa ever since we first saw her in the series. The compassion between Lexa and Clarke has always been very fortifying. Although we do not expect the reunion as it would be something very unrealistic, it shows that Clarke and Lexa shared a bond of the greatest love that was beyond any conditions. She hasn’t been Clarke’s love, but her teacher, her mentor, and her strength. She is the reason why Clarke made some choices that she made in sheer bravery.  

Some Clandestine Beats in The 100 finale  

Some sequences have really taken us by surprise – for example, take Octavia stopping the war all of a sudden without showing what did it take for the Blodreina to give up on something she so dearly believed in. Clarke killing Cadogan was a challenging moment, but we still could not comprehend the story behind it. Likewise, the mystery of Becca did not make much sense.   

It’s still a conundrum what happened to Emori. Did she transcend? Is she in John’s mind, or what exactly happened? It feels like a loose cannon that did not reach where it was supposed to. Emori, somewhere in the state of nowhere, actually felt devastating – for whatever it was, we have had affections with her after she learned what she learned from Raven.  

The 100: Ending Sequences  

It had been so satisfying to see all the characters of the 100 back on the Earth – the place they have yearned for. It was sort of everything for them to start everything from the start without and war or violence. They have lost enough in the name of survival – and they now wanted to thrive and live.

Wrapping up The 100:  

It has been a fantastic journey throughout the season The 100 up till the finale. One thing that I totally loved is that it did not give up on the doctrine of “Jus Drein, Jus Draun” and the little traditional dispositions of the grounder’s culture. Something I disapprove of in the whole series is the death of Bellamy Blake. Let alone his death – but his murder by the hands of Clarke. The loss was dreadful and left the fans in a state of shock. You can watch this season online by getting Spectrum internet, call at +1-800-370-0251 for any assistance.  

May We Meet Again.

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