Review: Hubie Halloween – the Not So Smart Guy

Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween’s Hubie – Adam Sandler – someone having his career built on comedy films is a great actor and filmmaker. He hasn’t been very prominent for many years and has played very dim and brittle characters. However, despite his crabby whining – his characters were mostly loved because of his vague delivery that does not make sure if it needs to be taken seriously – or as comedy. He delivers the funniest dialogues in such a forthright tone that it adds more to the beauty of the scene.  

The Cast of Hubie Halloween  

The movie’s cast involves Adam Sandler himself as Hubie Dubois, Julie Bowen as Violet Valentine, Kevin James as Sergeant Steve Downey, Steve Buscemi as Walter Lambert, June Squibb as Hubie’s Mom, and many others.  

Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween  

In the compassionate movie Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler shows a lot of modifications in his vintage character. Although he is again playing as a “not so smart guy” sort of guy – he talks funny, sweet, and innocent. He has been the centre of attention in the whole movie, despite being the “man-child” that he was.  

The Plot of Hubie Halloween  

The story unravels with Hubie Dubois on his cycle where a number of vagabond kids follow him – and throw things at him. He is a busy man-child, spending his days to report even the minor wrongdoings – just for the sake of being a responsible citizen (that he actually is). He lives in the town of Salem in Massachusetts, and the town is so dear to him that he spares no effort in making it a safe and worth living place.   

Although his excessive concern for the town and its people makes him look like a “weirdo” in the eyes of other people, he does not apparently bother with this idea. He is often shown dodging his bicycle as he moves down the street, and the children throw things at him. But Hubie has been such an innocent and pious soul that he still loves anyone despite all the crap people throw his way.   

Hubie Dubois – and his Kindness  

Hubie’s kind, innocent, and compassionate nature makes him an easy target for the hooligans and tramps to bully him whenever they get the chance. Despite his devotion to the townsfolks – the people just can’t tolerate him. It’s rather sad to watch how even the children make fun of him for his really compassionate activities.   

The Character of Violet Valentine  

Violet Valentine is one of the really appealing characters in the whole movie (and one who does not bully Hubie for the big kid that he is). She’s been his high-school crush for a long time and is a divorcee who is now a philanthropist adopting orphans and giving them a good life. Hubie is often shown thinking of Violet and how he could have gathered some courage to ask her out – so that she would have ended up with him.   

Walter Lamber and his Werewolf form in Hubie Halloween  

Walter Lambert is Hubie’s new neighbour, who does not seem to make fun of him. However, he is a psychopath who ran from the mental asylum and gives different cues about him being a werewolf. At the beginning of the movie, he strongly advises Hubie not to enter his house – no matter how many voices he hears coming from his home.  

Hubie’s Mom in the Movie  

Hubie’s mother has a powerful and jolly personality. She keeps telling Hubie to fight back against the bullies and stand up for himself. However, the kind and polite nature of Hubie does not allow him to do so. At the ending of the movie, Hubie’s Mom finally stands up for her son by herself. She gives a lesson to everyone who tried to hurt his son – and get a confession out of them.  

The Message of the Movie  

Hubie Halloween is a comedy movie but has a very optimistic message for us. It shows that standing up for yourself is important, and not something to take for granted. Allowing others to bully you or undermine you is not a strength – rather, it is a weakness. The story ends on a positive note – showing that Hubie has been a lot better than the whole lot of people who stood against such a fine and innocent man. The movie Hubie Halloween is available for downloading and streaming online. So, check out the spectrum internet prices and get a reliable internet connection. 

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