Review: Falling Skies – Too Many Extra Events?

Falling Skies

After the adventurous disaster of “Terra Nova,” the producer Steven Spielberg is here with yet another invasive program, “Falling Skies” – which includes a lot of mainly mechanical aliens betokened from RoboCop ED-209 without a thank you, I bet. 

Falling Skies is a television series comprising of 52 episodes releasing in 5 seasons. The creator Robert Rodat and executive producer Steven Spielberg have done remarkable jobs. Although there have been some questions on certain visual effects, the show still manages to make an excellent human-alien duo. The combination of action, plot, twists, and acting make the show huge on the whole.   

The Plot of Falling Skies  

An alien attack unravels the movie that is crippling the world. The survivors brace themselves and prepare to retaliate. A history professor – Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), leads the group whose wife was killed in one of the raids. Not ending here, one of his sons is also among the group of captives. Thus, Tom is desperate to rescue his son and, to some extent, avenge his wife.   

Tom Mason makes his utmost efforts to join forces with the 2nd Massachusetts – which is a regiment particularly made for the defence and protection of those who survived the attacks. Tom had some knowledge of military history, which he used to get some insight into aliens’ whereabouts and their plan of attack.   

It puts Tom and his soldiers in a state of hysteria when they find out that the enemy keeps on changing its plans. As they dive in more, instead of clearing out the confusions – they get more and more into the whirl of questions. It’s relatively slow and grim how they slowly discover what they are up against. All they are able to come to is that the enemy is strong, intelligent, prepared, and highly armed. However, their reason for attacking the Earth remains a mystery.  

Falling Skies: The Review of the Film  

Season 1 and 2 is all about the humans surviving and finding allies to make their military alliances better and bigger. The most that they are able to do in the first two seasons is to figure out various ways of alien attacks, their defences, and their weaknesses. However, with Season 3, the story takes some major turns as Tom becomes the President of the team. 

Season 4 and 5 chronicles the most important and loved characters and how the aliens captivate them. Season 5 shows the final stand that they have to take if their will to survive is more substantial than their fear of dying.  

The things tend to gel when the plot twists and themes add up. However, it’s deplorable that we get to start so many unworthy moments, bad dialogues, and even lousy delivery. Some of the subplots give unnecessarily enjoyable scenarios and add to it – tragic deaths of some beloved characters in a low-rated movie. This has not been a good idea!  

Falling Skies: The Cast  

The Series stars Noah Wyle as Tom Mason, who is assigned to Weaver (Will Patton). Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass, who is a pediatric specialist and lost her family in the attacks. Tom has three sons with the eldest teenager Hal (Drew Roy), Ben (Connor Jessup) – who’s the one the aliens have kidnapped, and the year 8-year-old Matt (Maxim Knight).  

Wrapping Up 

The movie “Falling Skies” has a number of similarities with Battlestar Galactica. However, the tone is a lot more like Terra Nova. You can definitely thank Wyle for establishing the right style – showing exactly how a man who has lost his wife and has his son kidnapped would react.

Falling Skies is a survival story and does not sugarcoat reality for anything. Some things go on as a mystery as to what is the purpose of these attacks, and is there any government in place, or what are the stats about people alive and dead. You can watch the movie online after getting a good internet connection – such as Spectrum internet. To get the services, check out the website or call at +1-800-370-0251. 

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