Review: Black Beauty and her Love for Jo

Black Beauty

The movie “Black Beauty” is actually a production based on one of Anna Sewell’s novels. The novel originally has four sequels, and each one explains the adventures of a beautiful young and black horse. Although the book has been made into many different on-screen productions, the latest show with the name “Black Beauty” is directed by Ashley Avis. It starts with a quaint and attractive horse in her full youth.   

The Cast of Black Beauty  

The cast includes the forever beauty Kate Winslet who is voicing over Black Beauty. The protagonist and main characters include Mackenzie Foy, who plays the character of Jo Green, Iain Glen, who is starring as John Manly. Apart from those, the antagonist role is played by Fern Deacon (as Georgina Winthorp) and Claire Forlani as Mrs. Winthorp.  

The Plot of Black Beauty  

The plot revolves around the beautiful filly and her journey through the hands of many owners – some of them have been really kind and compassionate, like John Manly (an influential role played by Iain Glen) and his niece Jo Green (starring Mackenzie Foy). Jo’s parents have died; thus, she comes to live with John. Surprisingly the young Black Beauty bonds with Jo. 

Specific series of unexpected and unfavorable events compel John and Jo to take harsh measures that they had never imagined otherwise. When things go beyond the control of John and Jo, they sell her to some strangers, which include a farmer, a rescue worker, and horse carriage drivers. She replaces the vision of old England as it was in the times of Queen Victoria and brings it to the present-day USA. That’s one change that we observe only in the movie.  

Georgina and her Ruthless Mother  

The plot of the movie gets sad when Black Beauty is made to live with a spoiled young child Georgina (played by Fern Deacon), and her harsh mother, Mrs. Winthrop (Claire Forlani). All they want is to win a lot of dressage trophies.   

All Nostalgia about Joseph Greene  

Joseph Greene – or simply Jo does not have a lot of explicit scenes in the movie. However, mostly there are memoirs of Black Beauty thinking and reliving the moments she has had with Jo. The horse is found thinking of him as her first love – that she has lost for the most part.   

The movie shows how Jo’s uncle – John, works at a stable belonging to some rich girls who tend to make their own rules as they are the owners, and nobody can object to them. They mostly bully Jo and makes fun of her. Most of the story in the movie is somehow different from the original book; however, the idea of empathy and shunning animal slavery is flawless and just untouched.   

It must have been quite bumpy to integrate an animal story with the human characters. However, after a while, the movie switches back to the original self – that is, Black Beauty’s perception of things and people around her.   

Harsh Scenes with Regards to Animal Cruelty  

Some scenes have just been produced the same as they appear in the novel. It includes the moment when Black Beauty remembers Ginger (her stablemate) and how he lived a terrible life that ended ruthlessly. The film also signals the senseless obsessions of animal beauty and how it helps win many competitions.   

It shows how people consider these animals a thing of pride rather than living creatures who feel pain and pleasure. It is an obsession that runs back to the ancient Victorian era. The movie shows that despite many transformations, the practice of keeping the horse tied to a cart or carriage that he pulls all day long remains the same. It not only goes against animal protection – but is also a threat to their well-being and health.  

The Verdict  

In my opinion, we need more movies like this that impart something useful to us as a society. Animal cruelty needs serious addressing before it goes out of our hands. Speaking of the movie, it is undoubtedly a fantastic movie to watch. The compassion, memories, and love that a horse develops for her riders are exceptional—the film was released on 27th November 2020 and is available to watch on all online streaming platforms. Check out spectrum internet prices and choose a plan that suits you or call at +1-800-370-0251 for further queries and assistance.

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