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Pay Per View

As spectrum is continuously striving to introduce newer and better things for its audience, it is much of a relief to know that Spectrum Pay Per View is another such fantastic service. Those who don’t have an idea of Pay Per View might be wondering what it is.   

To burst the bubble, Pay Per View services include all the latest movies and events such as boxing championship, wrestling, professional sports, and concerts for an additional charge. These shows usually do not air on the usual channels. Hence, since they are special programs, the customers pay extra to watch them.  

Advantage of Pay Per View Channels  

Getting Pay Per View Channels with your basic plan is an advantage. As the basic plan includes limited channels, you have the option to pay for movies or other featured events that resonate with your events. This rules out the need for paying for uninteresting stuff that you don’t usually watch.   

Ordering Pay Per View  

Here is a short guideline to help you if you are confused about how to order the Pay Per View Channels. Generally, spectrum offers two ways – either by using your remote or by registering with Spectrum customer services.  

Order Pay Per View with Your Remote  

Follow the three basic and simple step and order the pay per view in a go.  

  • Grab your remote and visit the Pay Per View events list  
  • Find the shows or events that you want to view  
  • Follow the step that it shows you on your TV  

Although it is an easy way to order the channels, there is one limitation. Since these Pay Per View events are according to your location, you might miss out on some of the shows. Therefore, we have the alternative for you – and that is ordering through Customer Services.  

Register with Spectrum Customer Services  

All you have to do is simply call Spectrum Customer Services number or log into Spectrum Business Support. The representatives will guide you through the whole process, and you will be registered with Pay Per View shortly.  

The Good news about Spectrum’s Pay Per View Service is that in case you miss the show or event and do not watch it, the spectrum will not charge you for this. It means, even if you register with the channels, you won’t be liable to pay for them if you don’t give them a view. Amazing, isn’t it?  

However, once you get the PPV channels, it becomes rather hard to locate the channels where Pay Per View movies or featured events air. Therefore, to save you the time and effort of moving across all the channels, spectrum comes up with a list of channels to easily find you the desired one.   

In this article, you will find the relevant channel number according to the states in which Spectrum TV is offering the services. All you have to do is go through the list and find the state where you currently are:  

State  Channel Number  State  Channel Number 
Arizona  651  660  Indiana  998  691 
Michigan  1777  777  Missouri  651  660 
California  651  660  Washington   651  660 
Massachusetts  651  660  Nebraska  1777  777 
Carolina  651  660  Virginia  651  660 
Maine  651  660  New Hampshire   651  660 
Colorado  651  660  Texas  651  660 
Ohio  998/1777  691/777/301  New Jersey  651  660 
Kentucky    660  Tennessee    801 
Hawaii  1701  701  New York  651  660 
Kansas, Idaho  651  660  Pennsylvania  651/1777  660/777 


Spectrum TV Plan that Offers Pay Per View  

All the plans – including the basic one gives you full liberty to register with Pay Per View and watch the shows and featured events of your choice. However, if you subscribe to the Spectrum Gold Plan, you will have so much on the plate that you won’t have to ask for the Pay Per View Channels.   

Conversely, with Spectrum Basic and Spectrum Silver, you have a great chance to get all the premium shows this way – without having to pay extra every month for the channels that you do not watch.   

Limitation to Getting Pay Per View   

Although there are not any cons for getting these shows and events, there is a limit to how many channels you can get with Pay Per View. You cannot get as many channels as you like on your basic package. However, provided that Spectrum is really passionate about giving its customers the best, it can give you some advantage. Therefore, if you have been with Spectrum for quite some time, you might ask Spectrum to extend the limit, and we will definitely consider it.

The Verdict  

Spectrum is quite impressive when it comes to TV services. However, those who are not taking spectrum internet services are definitely missing something extra. If you check out spectrum internet deals, you will notice some reasonable bundles for you that offer all three services (TV, Internet, and phone) in one.

In this way, you will have access to many streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and others as well. Thus, you can take advantage of internet-based services as well as Cable based services. So, check out the Spectrum Double and Spectrum Triple Packages, and subscribe to one – or call at +1-800-370-0251 for any assistance regarding your connection.

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