Passengers (2016) Review: A Love Story in Space


By reading the word “love story,” you must be thinking about some intimacy sessions between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the movie Passengers. Wait, what? Did I just write Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt TOGETHER?!  

Well, I wrote that. And that’s true. 

It’s a story that we all have longed for. That’s not hopelessly romantic – but a blend of sci-fi in the genre of romance. It does not bore you off with its slow emotional seasons – neither is it too drab to make you fall asleep halfway between the movie.  

The Cast of Passengers  

We know we have Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane and Chris Pratt as Jim Preston in the main cast for the starters. Apart from them, Michael Sheen (Arthur), Laurence Fishburne (Gus Mancuso), Andy Garcia (Captain Norris), Vice Foster (Executive Officer), Kara Flowers (the communication officer), Conor Brophy (Crew Member), Julee Cerda (Hologram Instructor) and Aurora Perrineau (Best Friend) gives grace to our screens.  

Main Story of the Movie: Passengers  

The story unveils the scenes on Avalon – a spaceship on its journey to a far-off planet, Homestead II. Apparently, more than 5000 people have been put into cryosleep for a 120-year long journey. The passengers are frozen in a hanging state with the help of a thread. However, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), who plays the mechanic’s role – finds himself awaken.   

Jim Preston is awake – and alone for a 90 years long journey. To overcome the unbearable loneliness and dreadful isolation – he has to do something in order to give himself to the swirl of cruel and dramatic thoughts.  

Contemplating several thoughts and fighting with himself, he finally shrugs off all the possibilities of attempting suicide and instead comes to the passengers pods where people were hibernating. Surprisingly, in the pod area, he finds Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful woman and a journalist by profession. He reads all his details and stories that he had submitted before undertaking the adventure.  

After reading about his profile, he instantly falls in love with her and manually opens her pod. Soon enough, she wakes up and gives company to quench Jim’s thirst for a human partner. Now, they talk and think about ways to improve the pods. However, things take turns, and they eventually fall in love with each other.   

A happy year follows some dramatic incidences when several system failures get Jim and Aurora by surprise. However, after an immense struggle, they finally enable themselves to repair the spaceship and thus save everyone!  

Passengers: The Movie Review

The movie undoubtedly reveals a cute couple: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Both of them give a buff, attractive, and resembling appearance. It seems as though; they were the perfect match for the film. Screenwriter Jon Spaihts and director Morten Tyldum have taken Passengers from a different course, representing a happier perception of human nature.

Jim Preston is an ordinary mechanic and engineer guy with his messy overalls and a T-shirt. However, it’s somewhat unrequited how when a meteor shower stuck, Jim’s hibernation pod opened.

Although his awakening activated many support systems of the spacecraft, and he had quite enough to do. But how could he spend a lifetime of 90 years without human support along his way? Therefore, after some desperate thoughts and measures, he made Aurora wake up.

The movie has been a great science fiction so far, but the bartender robot was rather unsettling and unsatisfying. That gave an indication of immature content.

The Protagonist Review 

As Aurora, Jennifer Lawrence has done a fantastic job while coming to terms with her sudden awakening and having Jim around. She is keen and very hopeful as she passes her time maintaining her health and fitness – rather than wasting away her youth.

On the other hand, having Chris Pratt as Jim has been an amazing experience. With him being along on the ship, he has the pleasure of living life through facilities that he had to share otherwise. These included the best ever basketball court, dance floors, restaurants (not to mention: the robotic waiters), Arthur (the bartender), with unlimited booze.

It seemed as if Jim and Aurora were in a candy store that they can’t escape from (and maybe wouldn’t even want to), which has nothing to eat, but the candy itself.

Passengers: Design and Special Effects of the Movie 

The design and special effects of the movie Passengers are quite polished. However, some special effects – such as those involving the swimming pools and Zero-G concept- could have been much better. Nevertheless, it was well praised. The spaceship looked like a hotel or resort rather than a ship in outer space. However, provided the movie was a blend of sci-fi and romance; it resonated with the genre.

The Verdict  

Passengers have been a phenomenal story with an IMDb rating of 7.0 out of 10. The movie has perfectly sided in both of its genres: sci-fi and romance. I can very keenly state that it took the audience by surprise by pulling off both themes so amazingly. Although the movie doesn’t quite have a typical “happy” or “sad” ending, it did have a perfect concluding sequence.  

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