Where to Find Paramount Network on Spectrum?

Paramount Network

I believe nobody in the USA needs an introduction to Paramount Network – every one of us has enjoyed the long movie sessions. But Spectrum TV after the Spectrum internet has much more than that. It is covering you on almost all fronts.  

Do you feel the urge to follow current affairs like a real enthusiast – who literally keeps a record of everything in the world? If you are not that sort of person, you must be someone who likes to binge-watch shows and listen to music all day long. If not – you must need to watch your favorite game of sports or news updates. Whichever category you belong to – Spectrum has everything that you need. Not only this, but it also has the best channels for your kids (that we believe you definitely need in such dire times as these).   

Something about Paramount Network  

Paramount Network has been entertaining us since 1983. So, it’s not that we don’t know of it. Initially, it was launched under the title The Nashville Network (TNN) and was confined to featuring programs related to the southern US. However, with the passage of time, it grew and extended its spectrum of channels to all parts of the USA.   

Westinghouse acquired The Nashville Network (TNN) in 1995, and then Viacom acquired it in 1999. After Viacom took the reins of the network, it gradually canceled all the existing programs and introduced new and better ones that could entertain a larger audience. In September 2000, TNN was rebranded as the National Network and become well-renowned for general entertainment.  

Then the events of 2003 rechristened it into Spike TV and became the center of attention for the male audience. However, after a few years, it further expanded the range of entertainment and gave in to the reality TV genre. After 2018, it underwent its final rebranding session and resulted in its current name – the Paramount Network.   

Paramount Network on Spectrum  

If you are just too bored with Netflix – and want something new and different. Now is the right time to make a change. Subscribing to Spectrum TV will allow you to choose a plan that takes you beyond any limitations. As a famous saying goes by, entertainment knows no boundaries; you’d indeed be set free.   

With Paramount Network on Spectrum, you will get the best series, movies, and seasons having high IMDb ratings. It is available on all three TV plans – SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD. So whatever plan you like, you have full liberty to switch to it.  

Channel Number of Paramount Network on Spectrum  

Provided that Spectrum has so many channels, they tend to line up. As an existing user, it becomes challenging to find Paramount Network particularly. Moreover, the channel number varies from one region to the other – however, they remain the same for one specific region. So, once you have caught hold of it, you won’t be stranded again. 


City/Town      Channel Number  City/Town      Channel Number 
Albertville, AL,   66 | HD-847  Greenville, SC  66 | HD-844 
Austin, TX  69  Great Falls, MT  20 | HD-520 
Athens, GA  68 | HD-847  Hayden, ID  70 
Avon, IN  24  Harvard, MA  47 | HD-719 
Alexandria, KY  51  Knoxville, TN  64 | HD-847 
Auburn, ME  31  Kansas City, KS  38 
Allendale, MI  74 | HD-801  Lincoln, NH  61 
Albany, MN  33 | HD-847  Lincoln, NE  26 
Belleville, IL  71 | HD-847  Los Angeles, CA  45, 53 
Baton Rouge, LA  64 | HD-847  New York, NY  36 | HD-116 
Bakersfield, CA  38  Orlando, FL  68 
Baker City, OR  43 | HD-847  Picayune, MS  64 | HD-847 
Bristol, VA  64 | HD-847  Ridgefield Park, NJ  78 
Bridgeport, WV  41 | HD-680  Reno, NV  71 | HD-798, 66 |
Crisfield, MD  48 | HD-844  Rochester, NY  27 
Charlotte, NC  44  Saint Louis, MO  71 | HD-847 
Cincinnati, OH  47  San Antonio, TX  59 
Cleveland, OH  43  Sheboygan, WI  62 | HD-649 
Concord, VT  43 | HD-783  Tampa, FL  43 | HD-1285 
Cheyenne, WY  37 | HD-537  Wapato, WA  70 | HD-847 
Dallas, TX  32  Waterford, PA  37 
Grand Junction, CO  20 | HD-520  Winsted, CT  68 | HD-719 


Wrapping Up 

Despite providing such amazing TV channels, the spectrum is also offering one of the best internet services all over the USA. You must check out Spectrum internet deals and choose the right one for you before Christmas – so that you do not miss out on any of the Christmas shows. For further assistance about Spectrum, its packages, plans, and services, please contact us at +1-800-370-0251. 

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