Tenet Review – Does it Pay off As the Huge Budget Film?


Christopher Nolan – the only man in the American film industry who could afford such a massive budget for a screenplay like this, directs the movie. Every other scene of the movie shows how much money did Nolan spend on it. Moreover, it contains robust action sequences that are so compelling that the viewers have to follow. Some events of the movie reverberate some of the old Nolan projects such as “Dunkirk” – indicating the war scenes, “Inception” – giving an intelligence narrative, “The Dark Knight Rises” – showing a lot of people talking through masks and others.

The Plot of Tenet

A CIA operative – Protagonist (John David Washington) joins a mysterious government organization called “Tenet.” The mission assigned to the group involves making sure that the human race is safe from any unseeable threats. The plot takes a sharp turn when the Protagonist joins hands with his new partner Neil (Robert Pattinson) and follows a faint line of clues leading to a Russian oligarch – Sator. The Protagonist gets closer to the oligarch by using his wife Kat (Elizabeth Debicki), who hates her abusive husband but stays in a relationship with him because of being blackmailed about her son.

Talking on a basic level, “Tenet” speaks of the extremes of unchecked power. It shows how someone becomes so powerful that he can change the whole events of the world. 

The Cast of Tenet

The main lead is the charming and ever-charismatic John David Washington as Protagonist, his associate Robert Pattinson (Neil) – both of them present a dramatically lovely pair. Elizabeth Debicki as Kat (Andrei Sator’s wife), and Kenneth Branagh as Sator – the villain!

Review of the Movie

Watching “Tenet” is an experience you cannot forget in a lifetime. The moment it starts, you will know that you are watching a Nolan film as the camera angles and the visuals resemble a lot of Inception. Nolan has been heard saying that Tenet is a movie that deserves watching on a larger screen – and it turned out to be true when I first watched it. There are minor details to it that you would not wish to ignore.

Many of us have heard that the story was perplexing – and it would be an understatement if I say that I understood the whole of it. I was totally baffled in some parts of the movie, and some of the things did not make sense. However, by the end of it, I was able to get hold of the plot.

John David Washington – the son of legendary Denzel Washington, has every bit of magnetism as his father. He made an amazingly “badass” Protagonist (although still likable). The duo of John David Washington with Robert Pattinson really fascinated the audience. 

Loaded with Expository Dialogue

Tenet is a movie that spends most of its runtime in explaining what is happening and what would happen next. However, it’s paradoxical that the movie is still challenging to follow. Nolan has this habit of digging his own rabbit hole that goes too far that one literally needs to keep tabs to stay in sync.

The only drawback that I see in the movie is the scene after scene of different characters trying to convey the story – the plot becomes quite draining and exhausting. It would have been much better to keep a few things unsaid and jump to conclusions instead. Somethings might just be left to the viewers instead of giving them in the form of a baked piece of cake to eat that brings no innovation.

The Antagonist in Tenet

Kenneth Branagh seems to enjoy the intimidating antagonist role. He plays the role of Bond villain – Andrei Sator – who is on a mission to annihilate the world. 

The only thing I whine about in Tenet is the excessive detail it gives in the form of expository statements. Although it looked like a cunning move to Nolan, it is rather complicated than impressive. The fistfights, crashing planes, the car chases, and the little part of action and drama was something that we have never seen before. It was actually HILLARIOUS! 

The Final Verdict on Tenet

It’s a movie that you should not miss to watch at any cost. However, the larger the screen – the better. And the better the internet, the best! Some internet providers such as Spectrum Internet do not interrupt you during the drama and action even when you are watching the movie online. We have actually missed a big-budget for a long time, but here it’s Tenet paying back!

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