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No Internet Connection

Has there been anything been terrible than any of your device saying “No Internet Connection?” Internet is like the vital spark in today’s world. We cannot even begin to comprehend the idea of surviving with this error frequently popping up on our screens. Everything ranging from health, commerce, business to education depends on the internet.   

Sometimes, you do not get to call the representative at home due to various reasons. You can be at work all day, and when you get back, you find the internet dead. You can’t expect a spectrum representative to visit you after office hours, and similarly, you can’t really take a day off from the office just to get your internet connection fixed.  

If you are stuck in a position like this, we have the solution for you!  

No Internet Connection Error

If you are getting a “No Internet Connection” error on the screen, you need to figure out its cause first. Start from your device, which shows the error. Check if the internet is working on the other devices. If it is – you need to follow these steps to troubleshoot the device-related problems.  

Troubleshooting the Device

Follow the following steps for efficient troubleshooting of your device.

Enable the WiFi

Make sure that the device showing the No Internet Connection error has its WiFi enabled. Although it’s obvious, double-checking won’t hurt. Or would it?   

On your Laptop, scroll down to the right side of the taskbar and click on the No Internet Connection icon. This will take you to the Network and Internet Setting. In the menu that opens, make sure that the WiFi button is turned on.   

If it isn’t, try to connect it again. Moreover, check if you are not on the Airplane/ Flight mode; you need to turn the Airplane mode off if you are.  

Connect and Reconnect the Network Connection

If the No Internet Connection error still persists, you need to turn off the WiFi and turn it back on in the Network and Internet settings. This should work if it’s just over or under activity of your device for some time.   

Forget the WiFi Profile and Put it back again.

When you click on the connection, a dialogue box will appear. You have to find the “Forget” keyword in it. Once you have it in sight, press on it to forget all the passwords and whatsoever is put in the network credentials.   

This will remove any harmful or problematic information from your system. Now putting back the details will give you a brand-new internet connection.   

Try a different web browser or application.

Sometimes, it’s your browser that doesn’t let you browse. To check if that’s the case, you need to use another browser to search for anything on the web. If the search is successful, you need to fix the browser.  

Fixing the browser might involve a few elementary steps such as clearing browsing history, forgetting passwords, clearing data, clearing cache and cookies – or uninstalling and reinstalling your browser. If the browser is causing the glitches, this should fix the problem of No Internet Connection.  

Restart the device if nothing seems to be working

By now, you must be tired of seeing the “No Internet Connection” error on the screen, but believe me – you don’t want to tire just here! You can still fix the problem by turning off the device and switching it on again. This will give time to the device and the network connection to restore itself to the new settings.   

Troubleshoot the Hardware

Check if the lights on the modem are turned on.

Make sure the lights are on. If they are not, check the power cord. Put the plug into the socket properly and check if it works. Once the lights on the router show up and are stable, try to connect the device again.  

Improve the Signal strength by relocating your Router

You might be sitting in a dead WiFi zone of your home or workplace. It can be weak WiFi signals from your modem or router that do not let your devices connect to the internet connection. Sadly, the No Internet Connection does not specify the problem, but it’s just an indication to troubleshoot the problem by ourselves.   

Keep a few things under consideration if you are in a WiFi dead zone:  

  • Remove any electrical or magnetic device that can halt the signals from reaching your device  
  • Place your modem or router in a central position that can transmit signals in all directions equally  
  • Move your device closer to the router  
  • Add Mesh Networks or WiFi extenders to solve the problem  

Restart your modem and router

Restarting your modem or router can help you reset the network errors as well as the equipment error. In many cases, this solves the problem. This is equal to performing a soft reset on your modem and can help to rule out the “No Internet Connection” error. Just follow these steps, and you will be good to go:  

  • Unplug all the power cables  
  • Wait for a good 30 seconds  
  • Plugin the power cable back into the socket  
  • Check the lights on the modem  
  • Wait for the light to stabilize  
  • Connect your internet again  

Do a hard reset by pressing the small button on the back of your router.

It might sound like a hard pill to swallow, but it won’t be trouble if you follow the steps. All you have to do is to long-press a small button that you can usually find at the back of your router. Once you press the button, your router or modem undergoes a hard reset, and sometimes you need to put all the credentials back into the router or modem.  


If you have gone through all the steps as mentioned above, but the “No Internet Connection” does not seem to be resolved, you might need to call spectrum customer support services so that they might help you on call. If they are unable to do so, they might just send a technician to your place who will fix the problems.  

If you need any assistance regarding spectrum internet deals and packages, feel free to call us at 1-800-370-0251, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.  

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