Movie Review: News of the World

News of the World

News of the World starring Tom Hanks is quite a thing to watch in 2020. This is because he has gone through a lot this year. It’s not something usual that a celebrity earning his sixth Academy Award nomination gets diagnosed with such a deadly virus as COVID-19. On top of that, his movie Greyhound, which was actually planned to be premiered in theatres, didn’t turn out to be as good as it was expected. 

Following these emotional booms and busts, he could go down, but the flicker of hope shines brightly because the year is ending on big bills for Hanks as the movie News of the World seems to be breaking the charts. 

The Cast of News of the World 

The main lead of the movie includes our forever favourite Tom Hanks along with Helena Zengel, Fred Hechinger, Michael Angelo Covina, and Thomas Francis Murphy. The movie is written and directed by Paul Greengrass and is based on a novel by Paulette Jiles. 

The Story of News of the World 

Paul Greengrass’ News of the World is one of his best directions in the past decade, and Tom Hanks has given the story a really positive manifestation despite all the craziness around. The movie nowhere shows to be lacking the required cinematic thrills, the sentimental storytelling, and the impressive cinematography.  

 Although the movie is somehow different from what Tom Hanks usually does, it is his first endeavour to try something that falls into the Western genre. The movie News of the World stars Tom Hanks as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, who’s a member of the Confederate States Army. Five years after ceasing the Civil War, Captain Jefferson takes on a different and rather unusual occupation.  

In order to entertain people who don’t want to read the newspapers, Captain Jefferson travels from town to town and delivers on-stage updates and provides the latest news about the country and whatever is happening around. Although it is a vagrant lifestyle, he is admired and pretty much appreciated at whatever town he stops. 

However, things take very sharp turns in the News of the World while he performs in Wichita Falls, Texas. He accidentally comes across an abandoned wagon on the road. He looks into it only to find out that it has a survivor who turns out to be a young girl Johanna (Helena Zengel). Although she does not speak English, Captain Jefferson manages to find a record book that shows her whereabouts. Apparently, a gang of Kiowa Native Americans abducted her as a young child and raised her for around six years. Now she was being brought back to her relatives when the attack happened. 

Captain Jefferson tries to avoid the responsibility of taking her where she needs to be. He leaves him in the custody of friends, but she does not stay there, and her attempts to escape makes him realize that he must do what he’s avoiding. Therefore, on a dangerous journey, he travels with the child for a few weeks and gets her to Red River so that she lives a normal life. 

The Review of the Movie 

Despite the obvious and simple structure of the movie, we cannot deny the fact that its effects are everlasting and captivating. The protagonist duo passes along against the odds that are preying on them. These include gravely determined paedophiles, bandits, dust storms, and whatnot. The perils did not only include those afflicted by people, but by climate as well.  

News of the World seems to be running into the corner at certain points but immediately pulls off again with a surprise. And every attempt when it does so leave us excited.  

Another interesting thing that the News of the World unravels is that Tom Hanks is playing the role of a captain under the direction of Paul Greengrass for the second time. They collaborated in 2013’s Caption Phillips. However, we cannot quite compare the two movies, like the one releasing in 2020 is exceptionally mind-blowing.  

We can very unarguably agree on the fact that Captain Phillips was just another middling drama with a brilliant performance from such a superior star as Ton Hanks. However, News of the World is a superlative adventure with an amazingly exceptional turn.  

Revealing Captain Kidd as a character who has been into combats and battles still possesses charisma, wit, and the attraction that – I believe nobody could ever deliver as Hanks did. We can so easily recognize that the audience is captivated throughout the movie – as they would be when they meet him in person. Hence, we can say that he has the same level of magnetism on screen as he has in person. 

Paul Greengrass’ One of the Best Productions 

Okay, so we have talked a lot literally about Tom Hanks as the leading protagonist in the movie – let’s talk about Paul Greengrass, who equally deserves all the praises for his directorial role in the movie. As a journalist, it definitely makes sense for Paul Greengrass to realign his work directions into something that reflects modernity. 

In the News of the World, we could see a lot of camera work, and I’m very much impressed by its cinematography as it is more focused and controlled than most of the Bourne movies. It gives the movie a traditional lookout, still possessing Greengrass’ aesthetic label. 

Wrapping up 

Wrapping up a good movie review always takes a lot. It’s a fact that after such a crazy year as 2020, it’s quite relieving to end it on a positive note where Tom Hanks’ News of the World is hitting the top charts. The movie is a blend of emotions, thrill, and charm. Hence it makes a perfect blend with all the sentiments and cinematic expressions. If you want to watch the movie this new year’s eve, check out spectrum internet prices and get the right connection to stream the movie online or download it. For further connection and subscription details, feel free to call +1-800-370-0251 or visit the website.  

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