Movie Review: Interstellar – Ensuring Human Survival


The movie is some three hours long, and it is a space voyage with no UFOs or blue-coloured weird creatures known as aliens. This is what the audience wishes to see in science fiction movies. Christopher Nolan is phenomenal when it comes to producing Sci-Fi movies that involve a bit of drama and action.   

“Interstellar” is about an astronaut’s wayfaring to the other side of the galaxy searching for a new home for humans. It’s incredible how it depicts the exact dilemma that the human race is going through ever since it has spoiled Earth and turned it into earsplittingly loud and hysterically busy.   

Interstellar: What’s special?  

Someone who sees Christopher Nolan’s movies like a proper freak knows that the camera does not tell the story in his directions. It only amazingly shows the screenplay. Watch “The Prestige,” “Momento,” and “Inception,” and you will get a lot reminiscent of Nolan’s previous works. The background music to escalate the enthusiasm of the scenes is solely blazing.   

The Plot of Interstellar  

The movie revolves around an engineer and a pilot named Cooper. The movie’s initial events reveal Cooper tied up on his farmhouse with his two children – Murph (daughter) and Tom (son). The further sequences show that a catastrophic sandstorm besieges the Earth. It is an actual march to a different drummer as it does not involve the platonic extra-terrestrial creatures taking control of the Earth (We are honestly sick of such plots where an alien apocalypse ends the whole wide world!). Eventually, Cooper takes a slip and finds a NASA base. It is when NASA gets him to carry out a daunting mission with a few other scientists.   

Now it all falls on Cooper’s shoulders to decide if he wanted to stay and let the world suffer from a terrible famine or go to space to find another planet that conceives life. However, the latter involves the risk of him never meeting and seeing his children ever again.  

Interstellar is very impressive and yet astonishing which astonishes the audience to the point that the little objections in Nolan’s work seem to evanesce into thin air. There are some things about Nolan’s work that are never going to change – no matter if you find them appealing or irritating, he will continue to do them in his movies. The audience has somehow come to terms with his style, provided that the rest of the film actually amazes the audience.  

The Spells that Cast Real Magic in the Movie  

Matthew McConaughey – an astronaut with the name Cooper and his colleague Amelia Brand (played by Anne Hathaway), put some real hard work into the movie. They are separated from everyone they love and everything that defines them – their family, loved ones, and even their planet.

Other notable characters include Amelia’s father – an astrophysicist, as played by Michael Caine, and a space explorer (played by a guest actor) stashed in an arctic world. The Central family of the film – Cooper’s family lives on a farm. His two children Murph (played by Jessica Chastain) and Tom (Timothee Chalamat), completely complement the movie’s idea. In the later part, Murph grows up to be another key member of NASA’s crew and a surrogate mother for the daughter that Brand (Anne Hathaway) lost for the Endurance mission.   

The widescreen panoramas exhibit harsh interplanetary topography and some cruel Earth locales. For the high-tech ritzy, glitzy feeling, Interstellar has a defiant old-movie feel. McConaughey is on a sway who beautifully partners with Chastain. The movie’s topic is not romantic or sexual love – but in fact, it is familial love. It is definitely something that we love the idea of. It’s a unique idea to federate a space exploration mission with a family love’s delicate story. Hence, both sides of the movie legitimately give well-played results.  

The Verdict 

If you haven’t already watched the movie, it is definitely worthwhile. You will love the little action, love, emotions, and bit extra Sci-Fi stuff. You can stream the movie online or download it. Get yourself a good internet connection – if you are stuck there, check out the Spectrum Internet Deals online or call at +1-800-370-0251 for assistance.

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