League of Legends: Is it Dying or Thriving in 2020?

League of Legends

It’s been over a decade – or 11 years to be precise that League of Legends (LoL) by Riot games is ruling over the gaming world as one of the most played games on the PC. The reason that it has been on the zenith of success for all this while is what makes people wonder that it might be dying soon. However, for a game that has survived 11 years, it is not easy to pull down.  

Having being released in 2009 initially, its player count is increasing exponentially. The gaming community has been put in a total frenzy ever since it has been introduced to the public. In an official statement from Riot in 2011, they announced that there are in total 11.5 million players. And it’s been increasing ever since!  

What is the Player Count of League of Legends?  

Fast forward to 2016 – and brace yourself for the players reached 100 million. Checking the stats in the year 2020, you will be astounded that the count has literally increased to 115 Million players! This is huge for a game that has been in the gaming community for 11 years. There has been no downfall – and a continuous rise making it an unbeatable beast of the gaming industry.  

League of Legends is Still the Biggest E-Sport Game 

E-sports are games that gamers play in professional competitions. Despite the presence of games like Fortnite and Counterstrike, League of Legends is still able to make its place in E-Sport competitions. The League of Legend’s World Championship of 2018 had as many as 205 million viewers – making it the highest viewed game of any gaming tournament. In the pandemic year 2020, even the travel restrictions could not impede the viewer count as the game was streamed online.  

LoL Makes it to the Most Watched Video Game on Twitch 

Twitch is one of the largest and best games streaming platform. Making it to the top of it is not a piece of cake. However, League of Legends so enviously does it. Not only Twitch, but the game is also on the front pages of YouTube and other Social Media platforms. Hence, it’s not a game that you can expect to die so quickly.  

Updates that Keep League of Legends Alive 

The routine updates and upgrades to improve the game performance and responsiveness are the reason why League of Legends is providing an enjoyable gaming experience for more than a decade. Despite the many shortcomings of the Riot, it has ensured that the game stays fresh.   

Possible Reasons that Could Make LoL Obscure 

Although Riot’s trivial shortcomings cannot totally obscure the game, it can, however, shake the game a bit (if it does in the first place).   

  • Riot’s global server crashes decreased the number of players for some days.  
  • Riot’s alteration to make it challenging to raise the level by reducing gaming points.  
  • Some controversies of breaching personal information from the LoL platform can shatter the reputation of the game. 

Improvement in Riot Reputation 

It’s a fact that every game has a peak season – and it eventually loses the player base. However, League of Legends has been relatively luckier in this aspect. Some of the users have expressed their opinions to help Riot make it a better gaming experience.  

  • Before making changes, Riot should have approved consent from its fans and players across the globe.  
  • Riot should make playable champions more accessible to enhance the player’s interest in the game.  
  • There is a sheer need to implement certain policies to produce a better working environment.  

The Verdict  

There is no denying the fact that Riot has a few shortcomings, but they cannot totally obscure the game. Most of League of Legend’s players are tough nut to crack and usually do not give up on it. Another great thing about LoL is that it works just fine with a good internet connection. If you need a good connection to pay a serious comeback to the game, you should check out the spectrum internet prices. It’s quite apparent from the above discussion that League of Legends will not die any sooner.

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