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Internet Connection

Are you familiar with different Internet connection types around us – and providing us the high-speed internet at our homes, offices, educational institutes, and even entertainment places?  

If you are – you are lucky! If you don’t, you should now because it’s time. You must be wondering why is it so important to know the internet connection types? Well, first of all, it is important because each internet service has its own advantages and disadvantages. If we know the better type, we will be able to decide on a plan that will better work in the particular area that you live in.   

In total, there are four different internet connection types which are as follows:  

  • DSL Internet  
  • Cable Internet   
  • Fiber-optic Internet   
  • Satellite Internet   

DSL Internet Connection  

The DSL internet connection types are the ones that a lot of people are using in the USA. They originally work on your existing telephone line. Hence, before you get internet services, it’s important that you have a phone connection as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make use of it.   

A DSL connection relies on the telephone line. Therefore, it is quite likely that you will face some interruption and distortion in the services. One of the main reasons for this is that the phone lines are quite old and are hardly replaced. Therefore, we might face a lot of problems if the lines are old.   

Pros of DSL Internet  

  • Affordable rates  
  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps are available for fresh telephone line  
  • Faster than the dial-up telephone connection  
  • Numerous providers provide the DSL internet services  
  • Accompanies a telephone connection  

Cons of DSL Internet  

  • Internet speeds may suffer interruptions  
  • Slow speed during the peak hours  
  • Requires a telephone line  
  • Depends on the distance from the service provider  

Cable Internet Connection  

As the name indicates, this type of internet connection depends on the cable network. The cable infrastructure is quite intricate and well-organized. Hence, it can transfer a significant amount of internet data from one point to the other.   

The widespread internet network can support an internet speed up to 100 Mbps or more very easily. The cable internet has extremely good internet speeds, and most of the people in the USA are employing cable internet connections.   

One of the reasons why people prefer a cable internet connection is that it supports TV services on the same cable networking infrastructure. Therefore, you can get super-economical and budget-friendly bundles for both TV and internet services.   

Pros of Cable Internet Connection  

  • A lot of well-known ISPs offer Cable Internet  
  • The services are quite affordable  
  • Vast and well-built infrastructure  
  • Supports both TV and Internet services  
  • Internet speed goes as high as 940 Mbps  

Cons of Cable Internet Connection  

  • Might face lags during the peak hours  
  • Upload speed is not equal to the download speed  

Satellite Internet Connection  

Do you remember the basic satellite mechanism? If you don’t, let me remind you. A satellite is a device or equipment that is sent into space and revolves around Earth in a certain orbit. In this way, it catches the signals and sends them over to the Earth. These wireless internet signals reach the Earth irrespective of the area or location. Hence, these can be employed anywhere – even in the far-flung areas of the USA.  

Although the satellite internet connection can reach anywhere, it does not offer very high internet speeds. You will suffer frequent disconnections and lags. It is the last option that you would want to make use of.   

The satellite internet services are hardly reliable, and most of the service providers have not invested in this type of internet connection. However, some local service providers are giving out the satellite services at variable rates.  

Pros of Satellite Internet Connection  

  • Available in almost all parts of the USA  

Cons of Satellite Internet Connection  

  • Unreliable internet services  
  • Frequent disruptions and lags  
  • Very slow internet speed  
  • No proper Internet service provider  
  • There are no fixed rates  
  • You cannot rely for official internet related works  

Fiber-Optic Internet Connection  

The fiber-optic is the best type of internet connection so far. It is the latest internet technology and maybe the future of it. The fiber-optic cables are extremely thin – even thinner than human hair! It transmits signals in the form of light and at an equivalent speed. Moreover, there is no loss of internet signals or whatsoever in a fiber-optic internet connection.  

It offers blazing fast internet speeds – that have equal download and upload speeds. Yes! You read that right. EQUAL UPLOAD AND DOWNLOAD SPEEDS! Although they charge you a bit more than the ordinary internet connections, the services are totally worth it.  

The internet speeds on an optic fiber internet connection go as high as 940 Mbps. Moreover, a 100 Mbps internet speed on the fiber-optic connection will be far better than 100 Mbps internet in Cable or DSL line. This is because the fiber has more capacity and bandwidth to carry the internet signals in an uninterrupted way.  

Pros of Fiber-Optic Internet  

  • Latest internet technology  
  • Extremely thin fiber-optic cables  
  • Faster transmission at the speed of light  
  • Equal upload and download speeds  
  • Speeds as high as 940 Mbps  
  • More capacity and higher bandwidth  

Cons of Fiber-Optic Internet  

  • Not available in many parts of the country as yet  

The Verdict  

There is no internet service provider in the USA that delivers all types of internet connections. However, Spectrum offers both cable services and fiber-optic services at very affordable and economical rates. You can check out spectrum internet prices, which contain deals both for cable services and fiber-optic services.   

Like other fiber-optic providers, many people are not able to access the services. One limitation is the lack of demand by the people because of high rates and limited availability. However, the time is not far when the fiber-optic internet connection will be available in every state of the USA.  

To check whether the fiber-optic internet or cable internet is available in your region, feel free to call at 1-800-370-0251, and our representative will be more than glad to help you.   

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