Greenland’s Review – Survive the Celestial Disasters


Releasing over the past few months in a dozen of countries, a film as Greenland, with such a moderate budget, seemed somewhat closer to World War Z than to an approaching apocalypse going to end the planet. Greenland is a dark yet flat experience showing how some giants rocks are going to destroy the planet. 

The story unveils with a family fighting for its survival, as Earth’s safety is put into jeopardy by a comet. John Garrity (Gerard Butler) and his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), along with their young son Nathan make a treacherous journey to find themselves an asylum. Against the background of such terrifying happenings taking place all around, the Garrity’s experience the finest, and the ugliest humanity could bring.   

Greenland: A Comprehensive Review  

John Garrity (Gerard Butler) does not seem to have a good time with his wife Allison (Morena Baccarin) and their 7-year-old son. In the middle of such a crisis, the story takes a wild turn as the news about a lethal comet going to hit the planet Earth break out. As the time of the apocalypse approaches, their perilous journey ends in a last-minute flight to a possibly safe location.   

Government’s Decision on Doomsday  

Just like the other people, the Garrity’s follow the news of the imminent doomsday on different television channels. Meanwhile, the government makes some provisions to save the people from the havocs of the fateful day. Following these events, a comet remnant strikes their own neighbourhood only to leave them sheerly panicked.  

Amid the crisis, a ray of hope arises for the Garrity’s as they get a message about the provision of a safe passage to a military location that is yet kept in disguise. Despite the uneasiness of why only Garritys are selected for this safe passage, they shrug the feelings of it – and immediately pack up to leave. John Garrity ardently ignores the supplications of their neighbours to take their kid with them – stating that only “Garrity’s” are allowed.   

On the Way to Getting Aboard  

The road to reach the military base was not easy. They had to go with beating the traffic and massive looting on the way. When the Garrity’s somehow manage to reach the military base, they realize that they forgot to take their son’s insulin with them. John goes back to get it, but he finds out that his son’s chronic sugar level will not let them get on board when he returns.   

The movie Greenland has shown how the human will respond to an apocalyptic catastrophe. The director Ric Roman Waugh and writer Chris Sparling delves into the practicality of enduring a disaster. The tension, drama, and misery that comes with the scenes are remarkable. The best part of the movie is that none of the action or drama was so excessive as to lose the movie’s real subject – that is about a human family trying to survive the worst conditions of their lives. The animations and sound effects could have been better, but they don’t fail to give the feel of the catastrophe.  

Greenland: The Cast  

All the action and drama are just enough to express the circumstances and situations that reveal the people’s most horrible side.  

Gerard Butler 

As John Garrity, Gerard Butler in Greenland clearly depicts a man who faces the ordeals of an apocalypse that he is helpless about. Then the later sequential events show his misanthropy when he vehemently refuses to help his neighbor’s kid. And how he shifts to a man who becomes the chosen one but fears to lose it all.   

Morena Baccarin 

Morena Baccarin as Allison – a wife in an unhealthy relationship and a mother of a diabetic 7-year-old son shows the genuine compassion of a mother who is too desperate to save her son.  

Roger Dale Floyd 

On the other hand, Roger Dale Floyd as Nathan perfectly portrays how vulnerable a child suffering from diabetes is. Yet his will to survive and understand the gravity of the situation is beyond measure.  

The Final Verdict about Greenland 

Some people consider the film Greenland slows as it rules out the typical moves of a disastrous action movie. It focuses much less on the incidences of the comet strike and more on how to survive it. In this sense, it might seem a bit “less” dramatic to the audience, but it is mature enough to produce something different than a whole lot of fictional movies. Your reviews for Greenland might be disparate from mine; hence it’s better that you watch the film by yourself. Check out spectrum internet deals, get the one that suits you and stream your movies online or download them however you want. You can also call at +1-800-370-0251 and get the details now. 

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