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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – One of the biggest games in the world could not derail due to a global pandemic. It definitely takes more than that. It sounds unsatisfying to hear that the game actually came together in the middle of one of the biggest crises the world had to go through. Activision Publishing, in collaboration with two excellent American gaming software developers Treyarch and Raven, were set to build 2020’s most anticipated game. It’s so exciting, like wow! What are we getting as a backdrop of such an exceptionally bizarre year – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!  

Challenges in Putting Together Such an Action-packed Game  

It had been quite challenging, but again – nothing could stop the dedicated publishing and developing companies. The motion capturing and voiceover sessions took place remotely with gearboxes dispatched to the team’s homes.   

Although the prominent pieces had been joined way before the lockdown reached the USA, the background and supporting characters were just in their initial development stages. Out of the blue, the million dollars spent capture studios were shut down and replaced with home-recording kits. An unprecedented thing in the world of gaming and entertainment altogether.  

I don’t want to paint a distorted or broken picture here – hence I must say that the first look at the game presented a super propitious image of the latest Call of Duty sequel.   

The Setup of Call of Duty: Cold War Setting  

Black Ops 4 (stylized as Black Ops IIII) brings back Frank Woods, Alex Mason, and Jason Hudson in Call of Duty’s opening pitch, which is definitely a big spin. The Cold War gangs pool up their resources to hunt down a Russian scout named Perseus. The name is not a fictional character marketed entirely for the game, but it is, in fact, a mythologically shadowy figure who infiltrated a number of locations in the US.  

In the real world, “Perseus” is a misinformative work; however, it suggests it to be a real mysterious person in the introductory sequences of the game.   

The Central Characters in the Game  

What makes Black Ops Cold War unique is the ability that it provides you to create your own character. Although Woods, Mason, and Hudson are the game’s central characters, don’t worry because you don’t have to control them. Instead, you have the liberty to name your character, assign them a gender (or keep them gender-neutral), pick a skin tone, place of birth, and sound military background. It does not end here; there is a psychological profile to change the sequence of the game by changing the temperament of your character. Thus, it’s totally up to you to stay reliable and loyal or stay unstable and violent.   

The Campaign Review  

The Vietnam Setting typically highlights the most expected “big and expensive” battlefield with a lot of movements and open combats. However, in this game, Activision seems to step a bit away from the combat-focused nature, as we saw in the previous versions of “Call of Duty” games. Treyarch and Raven have been focusing on breaking up the stereotypically simple action with more of the covert and unclear ops.  

There is another new addition to the game that allows gamers to unlock a number of clandestine missions. You will collect some “evidence” scattered around and see how your specific character unfolds and influences the missions for yourself. It sounds pretty cool, though!  

Assorting the Little Details  

As we know, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Console S and X have just been released. Hence, you can expect the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to work absolutely fine on PS4, PS5, Windows PCs (via, and Xbox One, S, and X consoles. It’s possible that the next generation versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X arrive a bit later. So, it’s the best time for Call of Duty fans to gather their internet specs and devices and maybe switch to a good internet connection such as Spectrum Internet so that you don’t face any interruption while playing the game. If you need more assistance with your internet connection, you can definitely give a call at +1-800-370-0251. 

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