Game Review: Among Us – Dominating the Gaming World?

Among Us

I am stuck with “Among Us” right now – and I can’t stop playing it. Writing reviews opens up so many doors to playing online games. After playing the best of bests, including PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Total War, and whatnot, here is Among Us.

Availability of Among Us  

Given the massive number of people discussing it (sharing memes more precisely) – you must have heard about the game by now. The game is available both on the computer and android devices/ iOS devices. However, the PC version is free, while the mobile version is free – but with ads. Well, it’s worth it for a game so addicting as this!  

Popularity Trends  

It’s unprecedented how a game releasing in 2018 took a sudden surge this year in October. According to Google Trends, the game experienced 50 times more searches in October than it did in August. Hence, we can say it’s a game that took some time to familiarize itself with the public but is going to stay for a long time.   

The Gameplay of Among Us  

Although in the beginning, it gives a feeling of old Nintendo type games, it’s very interesting when you actually realize it. After downloading the game, there are two options – either you will delete it by the look of it, or you will think of giving it a try, and believe me, if you do this, you are lucky!   

In Among Us, you are on a spaceship: as a crewmate or as an imposter – well, that’s totally random who you are. If you are a crewmate, all you have to do is run around different rooms to complete some simple tasks and some yourself from being killed by an Imposter. Exactly! There are one to three “Imposters” between the players. And believe me, they are only there to kill all the crewmates without revealing their identity aptly.  

If a crewmate finds or discovers a dead body or see an imposter venting or killing someone – he can call an emergency meeting. The surviving crewmates are to vote on who they consider as the Imposter. The person getting the most votes is forced out of the game. However, it depends if the maximum votes float the Imposter or one of the crew members.   

Thus, you are not quite sure if you are saving yourself or taking silent steps against your-OWN-self.  

A Simple yet So Deceptive Game  

You cannot trust anyone in the game. You don’t know if the individual working with you is just another crewmate or waiting for a chance to attack and kill you! The Imposter will be patient enough to wait for the right time; hence, it all depends on your wit how you save yourself.  

But let’s come to the exciting part. What if you are the Imposter?  

Sounds interesting, right? If you are an Imposter, you are always wary of how to pretend to be a crewmember. The tip is to fit and suit in ‘among us.’ One strategy is to kick the suspicion onto the other players to rule out your possibility of getting voted. However, one thing is – you cannot call an emergency meeting if you are the Imposter. And well, the good news is, we never know who called that emergency meeting.   

The Final Note About the Game  

Among Us is an amalgam of confusion, tension, and lots of fun. Being an Imposter has its own perks. You watch the team putting suspicion over each other and voting each other out – while you sit there and laugh at their stupidity. However, if you are the crewmember, it’s mostly tensing. Making way for you to be wary of literally every crew member and surviving till the end of the game is super exciting too. 

Moreover, you can converse with other teammates before voting a member out. And believe me, that’s where you can create most panic as an Imposter. Since it’s an online game, so you need an internet connection to play out. Check out Spectrum internet packages on the website or call at +1-800-370-0251 to get a connection now. Like other online games, you need fast internet speeds to make sure that you do not lag behind and make a fool out of yourself.   

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