Spectrum Mobile: Redefining the Future of Mobile Internet

spectrum mobile

Charter introduced Spectrum Mobile three years ago this summer with the aim of providing Spectrum Internet users with easy data plans, excellent value, and high-quality connections at home and on the road.

Today, Spectrum Mobile is the nation’s fastest-growing mobile provider, revolutionizing the mobile experience for millions of customers by integrating national 5G and 4G LTE coverage with Spectrum Internet and WiFi to offer the best overall speeds.

To commemorate Spectrum Mobile’s third anniversary, we spoke with Danny Bowman, Charter’s Chief Mobile Officer, to discover more about how Spectrum’s combination of speed, simplicity, and value is revolutionizing the mobile business. Bowman helped develop the business over his more than three decades as a cellular executive until joining Charter in early 2018. What he had to say was as follows:

Why is Spectrum Mobile an excellent customer choice? What differentiates it from competitors like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T?

We are committed to doing business as simple as possible. We take pleasure in keeping things very simple. We provide unlimited and pay-per-gig plans that include taxes, fees, no commitments, unlimited voice calls, unlimited texting, free calls to Mexico and Canada, and access to national 5G and 4G LTE networks.

We carry the finest gadgets on the market and make it easy for clients to bring their own. Thus, not only do we save individuals money, but they are also relieved of the need to purchase a mobile device from us.

You’ve spent more than three decades in the mobile business. What has changed in terms of how people use their phones today?

Once upon a time, mobile communications were limited to cellular networks. However, a little-known fact that cellular carriers do not want customers to realize is that the overwhelming bulk of mobile data use now occurs via WiFi.

In their homes, at work, on the move, or at their favorite local company, people are glued to their gadgets. They communicate through phone and text, as well as streaming video and surfing the web. Around 80% of data traffic on Spectrum Mobile is through WiFi, with just 20% via cellular networks.

This is not unique to our business; other mobile service providers are seeing similar patterns. Charter is a major internet provider in the United States; we built our service to mix WiFi and cellular since that is how consumers really use their phones.

So, from a customer’s viewpoint, how does Spectrum Mobile work?

We combine Spectrum Internet, Advanced Home WiFi, and our over 500,000 out-of-home WiFi access points with our wireless partner’s national 5G and 4G LTE cellular service. From the customer’s viewpoint, this means they get the best of both worlds – WiFi and cellular – and the highest-quality mobile experience.

Additionally, since consumers need our internet service in order to sign up for Spectrum Mobile, they may take advantage of the significant savings associated with bundling their products, up to 40% off their monthly cost.

Our mission is to offer consumers the greatest connection experience possible while allowing them to use their favorite gadgets as they want.

What distinguishes Spectrum Cellphone from other mobile carriers?

Consumers are concerned about quickness. It has an effect on the speed with which people may stream movies and television programs, download applications, and buy and search online. We are the first mobile carrier to provide WiFi that is beneficial to mobile consumers.

WiFi is faster than cellular, and 5G is quicker yet. WiFi is the backbone of our clients’ mobile experience, and by combining these ultrafast WiFi connections with cellular, we can offer the best overall speeds.

Customers of Spectrum Mobile enjoy spectrum internet speeds that are more than 35% faster than those of our competitors. That is a significant difference for us in comparison to other mobile carriers.

What can consumers anticipate from Spectrum Mobile in the future?

Customers may anticipate that we will continue to provide packaged offerings of superior connectivity goods at significant discounts in the marketplace. Consider doing more with less, moving at a quicker pace while conserving money.

Additionally, we understand how critical it is for our clients to have the finest gadgets. We provide a best-in-class device portfolio. We introduced the first smartwatches to our portfolio earlier this year, and we just started offering Motorola’s Moto E and Moto G Play smartphones.

And, as we have done in other parts of our company, we will continue to simplify the process of managing Spectrum Mobile accounts at home, on their devices, or in person at one of our shops.

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