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TCM Channel

Are you missing the era of Classic Movies? Well, I certainly was until I discovered this amazing TCM Channel (Turner Classic Movies) on Spectrum that has literally every classic genre available – be it romance or action! If you are using Spectrum TV, you’re lucky to have access to so many shows and movies to watch that never fail to amuse you. On the other hand, if you don’t have it yet, you can check spectrum internet prices and get the connection now.  

Everything You Need to Know About TCM Channel

TCM channel is a classic wing of Warner Bros. Entertainment. It is a pay-tv network that is more oriented towards American movies. Initially launching in 1994, the film has won thousands of hearts ever since it has caught public attention.   

Some people have this misconception that the TCM channel only airs classic American movies. However, this is not true. It shows the other recent shows and movies as well. The channel is available outside the USA, in different countries such as Ireland, Canada, France, Greece, Malta, Africa, the USA, Pacific Asia, and others.   

Where to Find TCM Channel on Spectrum?  

If you are a spectrum user, you must be aware of the fact that Spectrum offers different channel numbers in different states and cities of the USA. Hence, we have jotted down all the states with the respective channel numbers on which you can stream the TCM channel for free. 

City/State  Channel Number  City/State  Channel Number 
Albertville, AL  91  Bergen Co, NJ  42 
Yakima, WA  861  Albany, NY  58 
Clarksburg, WV   195  Charlotte, NC  25 
Milwaukee, WI  60  Grand Island, NE  88 
Cheyenne, WY  61  Carson City, NV  57 
Barre, VT  759  Lancaster, NH  631 
Richlands, VA  195  Duluth, MN  64 
Austin, TX  64  St. Louis, Missouri  60 
Alcoa, TN  59  Billings, MT  47 
Corry, PA  34  Bangor, MN  631 
Columbia, SC  49  Worcester, MA  65 
Greensboro, NC  57  Greenville, MI  40 
Akron, OH  53  Bourg, LA  59 
Dallas City, OR  64  Lexington, KY  77 


What Shows to Watch on TCM Channel?  

TCM channel is basically a movie channel, but the movies usually feature during the night hours, such as 8 pm to 11 am EST. It has many films from Warner Bros., 20th Century Studios, Paramount Pictures, Janus Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, and StudioCanal.  

“Star of Month” and “The Essentials” are some of the most broadcasted and popular shows on the TCM channel. Generally, the months from February to August air all the special programs, shows, and movies.   

Other Top Films Featured on TCM Network  

The Birth of a Nation  

Releasing in 1915, the film features from time to time European Monopoly. It defined classic American cinema, and the movie’s plot is partly history-based and partly fictional. The Birth of a Nation shows the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Moreover, the film has the honour of being the first movie that was ever screened in the White House, during the times of President Woodrow Wilson.  


The movie was released in 1927 and the most influential film in the genre of Sci-fi. It is super inspiring for comic books, rock videos, and other video games. It had a budget of around 5 million and took almost 17 months to film entirely. Having shot during the Weimar periods in Germany, the film shows a weird utopia in the city.  

The Bicycle Thief  

The bicycle thief revolves around Antonia Ricci, who is an unemployed man struggling to find a job. However, when he finally finds one, it’s of hanging posters. Hence, the movie takes us back to the street views and is a super lovely classic picture. The movie gets interesting when a thief steals his bicycle, and Antonia comes in real hot waters, as he cannot continue his job without the bicycle.   

The Verdict  

The TCM Channel is a real classic channel, and an absolute classic movie lover would never get bored of them. However, it’s quite impressive how even some of the older movies don’t seem boring to us. Instead, we really enjoy watching them. One of the great things about the TCM channel is that it does not show only the classics but also the newer movies. Hence, it is quite suitable for everyone – whether of contemporary thoughts or old school ideas.   

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