Enola Holmes – A Movie Based on A Wild Young Lady

enola holmes

After getting a lot of fame on “Stranger Things,” Millie Bobby Brown hit a grand slam on the new movie of 2020 named “Enola Holmes.” However, Brown’s last Netflix series was all about solving puzzles and finding a way to the dark and confusing world using both her mental and physical powers.

You might get a hint from the title of this new movie, “Enola Holmes,” that Millie Bobby Brown must bear all the responsibilities coming towards her way. But this time, it is completely different. You may get to know the new side of Brown in this movie – more like joy in a mysterious manner.

Enola Holmes – Young Adult Novel by Nancy Springer

This mysterious movie is based on the Young Adult novel series by Nancy Springer. In this movie, Sherlock’s younger sister Enola Holmes goes about playing detective despite having famous siblings like Mycroft and Sherlock.

The main story revolves around the finding of Enola Holme’s mother as she goes missing in the movie. From having a crush on a young and handsome boy to finding her mother, Enola Holmes manages everything very well. She is more like a naïve child who doesn’t know much about the outside world and still trying to fit in.

In the script, Enola states that her mother named her Enola, which backward spells “alone.” The scriptwriter, Jack Thorne, wrote it in a funny and amusing way that it fits with Enola’s character.

A week ago, Enola waked up in the morning, and she finds out that her mother is missing. Here she explains how they had fun with her mother and how they do everything together. Later, she went to the railway station to collect her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft.

Yes!!! The famous detective “Sherlock Holmes.” Both her brothers point out that she has no gloves, but she utters that she has a hat. Sherlock and Mycroft discuss how a wild woman (their mother) brought up a wild child (their sister Enola). So, they try to make her acceptable to society.

As her mother goes missing, Enola Holmes has two options; she can either choose her own way or what others choose for her. As a naïve and stubborn child, she decides to choose her own way and starts finding out about her mother. She also decides to hide from her brother by becoming a “Lady.”

Sherlock and Mycroft think that their mother wants to change the world. On the contrary, Enola thinks that it’s the world that needs changing. She explains that she was never taught to be an embroider; instead, she was taught to be silent and to fight.

Enola Holmes on Netflix

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The Bottom Line

Enola Holmes, a naïve and stubborn young lady, goes out to find out her missing mother. In this mysterious adventure, she tries to avoid her brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, who think that their mother wants to change the world. On the contrary, Enola thinks that the world needs to be changed.

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