Daniel Radcliffe – The Adaptable Actor

Daniel Radcliffe

Do you know about our favourite “Harry Potter” playing character Daniel Radcliffe other than the Harry Potter Series? Well, not many people have seen his movies ever since the Harry Potter series ended. However, his graduation from Hogwarts has not only taught him some nasty magic spells but substantial acting and on-screen skills too.  

The cute little child, with the round glasses, has now grown up into a tall handsome man, who is not afraid of experimenting on himself. Radcliffe had this golden opportunity because of his reputation that he gained from the Harry Potter series to make a mark in this cruel industry, where it takes you years to get recognition.  

Daniel Radcliffe’s Choice of Movies 

Daniel Radcliffe’s choice of movies shows that he is not afraid of taking challenges. As we see him doing a number of roles in different films that include literally different genres of comedy, horror, drama, fantasy and anything that comes in store for him. Hence, he has proved himself talented and a crackerjack in whatever field he stepped into. 

Top Movies of Daniel Radcliffe 

Daniel Radcliffe – Now You See Me 2  

The movie released in 2016, and it isn’t a very classic masterstroke. It’s ridiculously goofy and does not follow its rules at all. The unfortunate thing about the movie is that it includes magic tricks relying on the CG effects for the most part. What’s the purpose of magic, when there is no magic in it?! While the movie itself did not make a great mark in the industry, the performance of Danielle Radcliffe is super amusing. 

Daniel Radcliffe – December Boys (2007) 

While Daniel Radcliffe was not busy with the Harry Potter’s franchise, he gave himself time to pursue other endeavours in a number of projects. December Boys is one of them. Releasing in 2007, the movie December boys also show a fine performance from our forever favourite Daniel Radcliffe. The fact that Harry Potter was such a big hit, we could not accept him in any other role for quite some time. However, with the passage of time, he made it to the outside world of Hogwarts. 

Daniel Radcliffe – Jungle (2017) 

Now, this must have been a really challenging role for an actor like Daniel Radcliffe, who had been more into “magical” movies rather than audacious dramatic ones. The movie is quite important as it is based on the true story of an Israeli Adventurer. The character shows how he fought bravely throughout the movie in the thick dense Amazon Rainforests. Daniel has done a really bold and fearless job in this movie, and it a proof of his unsubtle talents and sheer dedication. 

Daniel Radcliffe – Imperium (2016) 

Our little wizard, Harry Potter’s role in Imperium has been the most transformative one. He went on from a wizard boy to a camouflaged FBI agent. He had yet another opportunity to pull himself away from the “child-friendly” characters to more passionate and intense characters. Daniel Radcliffe, undoubtedly, did the best on this one too.  

Daniel Radcliffe – Kill Your Darlings (2013) 

The movie Kill your Darlings released in 2013 and Daniel Radcliffe played the role of Allen Ginsberg – who is a revolutionary poet and famous for his poem “Howl.” In the movie, he becomes a sheer literary sweetheart. Daniels’ acting has been out-class in this movie as well. The passionate character with a bit of romance with Dane DeHaan has been a mix of thrill and excitement. Besides, the general qualities, he also proved himself as a tender, insightful and blooming character. 

Wrapping Up 

If you had not come across these movies, you would be stunned to see Daniel Radcliffe doing this amazing work. Although the movies were not a big success, still we loved to watch every bit of them because of the fact that they were featuring Daniel Radcliffe in them. You can find out a lot more about these movies when you watch them on Spectrum internet. They will present another level of excitement to see our favourite wizard turning into different roles – like FBI Analyst, poet, a random boy, or an adventurous brave man.  

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