Comedy Central Channel No. On Spectrum – Best Shows Included

Comedy Central

Let me introduce you to Comedy Central first. Have you ever heard of this channel before? If No! Then you are going to know about one of the best TV channels with amazing shows.

Viacom CBS own comedy Central, and it hosts some popular comedy shows. This channel has been on-air for the last 30 years from now, and The South Park and The Daily Show played an important role in its success.

It was formerly known as “The Comedy Channel” when it first emerged in the cable TV landscape. Since then, it has got higher rankings and became the best network for comedy, movies, shows, and original programming.

You might already know about Spectrum that it is among the top three Internet and cable providers in the whole US, depending on the area of coverage. It is providing its services in more than 41 states of the US.

The Customized landline and spectrum internet deals are affordable for all households with different age groups. But don’t worry about the package or deal choice because the Comedy Central comes with every Spectrum cable packages.

What Channel Number is Comedy Central on Spectrum TV?

Let me tell you first that the Charter Spectrum has devised three plans for cable TV. The following are the three plans for cable TV of Charter Spectrum:

Spectrum Select

The Spectrum Select plan allows you to have access to more than 125 channels.

Spectrum Silver

The Spectrum Silver plan allows you to have access to more than 175 channels.

Spectrum Gold

The Spectrum Gold plan allows you to have access to more than 200 channels, including all the advanced and premium level channels.

The best thing about the Spectrum cable TV is that it offers On-demand service free of cost with all of its cable TV plans. There is no binding agreement between the Spectrum and its customers. Moreover, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on every cable TV plan of the Spectrum.

As I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to worry about the Spectrum cable TV plans because if you have selected the most basic plan, which is “Spectrum Select,” then you will still get access to the Comedy Central channel. It comes with every cable TV plan of Charter Spectrum.

However, you may face a little bit of difficulty in finding the right channel number for Comedy Central because the channel numbers vary from area to area.

Currently, the Comedy Central channel appears on the following numbers of Spectrum cable TV service:

City/ State 

Channel Number on Spectrum Cable TV 

Jennings, Louisiana 


San Antonio, Texas 


California City, California 


Northport, Alabama 


New York City, New York 


Kahului, Hawaii 


Chester, Michigan 


Orlando, Florida 


Comedy Central’s Best TV Shows

You can watch immensely popular and exciting shows on Comedy Central. Keep in mind that you don’t have to opt for the Spectrum Internet in order to get access to this channel and its shows. Here are some of the top best shows to watch on the Comedy Central TV channel:


Workaholics is one of the best shows on Comedy Central, which revolves around some college graduates. The best friends Anders, Adam, and Blake are unable to adjust to the real challenges of the world out there, and they share a single house.

These best friends are always finding a chance of skipping work and partying more. This show is a great way of entertainment for young teens and adults.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show was started by Craig Kilborn and single-handedly taken to the top by Jon Stewart. It is one of the greatest shows on Comedy Central. This show revolves around the funny commentary on some serious and entertaining topics like Hollywood, American politics, and the world. Currently, Trevor Noah is hosting this show on Comedy Central.


Corporate first launched in 2018 with the aim of providing entertainment for three seasons. Matt Ingebretson, Pat Bishop, and Jake Weisman started this show. The main focus of this show is comedy, drama, and non-stop entertainment to its viewers. But the bad news is that it will be over after the third season.

Chappelle’s Show

How can we skip the Chappelle’s Show while discussing the most famous and entertaining shows of the Comedy Central? No doubt, it is among the top shows of the Comedy Central that revolves around the comedy, and it went for the three seasons. The first season of this show aired in 2003 for the first time.

The Bottom Line

No one wants to skip the Comedy Central channel on their TV because of its amazing and entertaining shows. It doesn’t matter which Spectrum TV plan you chose because it is available on every Cable TV plan of the Charter Spectrum.

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