Charter Spectrum to Raise Cable TV and Home Phone Prices


With the ever-increasing rates and prices of every commodity, internet prices are rising as well. For this reason, most of the Charter Spectrum and spectrum internet customers are expecting to pay more for their Cable TV and Telephone services.

Beginning in June, the majority of Charter Spectrum cable TV and home telephone subscribers may anticipate increased rates. The nation’s second-largest cable company is informing customers of a price rise by June 2, 2021.

New Price Adjustments

Among the adjustments are hikes to the broadcast television cost, the TV Select, Silver, and Gold packages, as well as set-top box equipment prices.

The monthly rate for broadcast television will rise by more than 9%, from $16.45 to $17.99 per month. The rise is the second in less than a year for the broadcast surcharge. In August, the monthly rate was increased by $2.95 from $13.50.

Spectrum cable users will now pay $215.88 per year for broadcast television. Monthly broadcast fees for subscribers to the TV Stream and TV Choice packages will increase from $8.95 to $12.95.

A Word From Spectrum Representatives

“TV programmers annually raise fees to carry their content, driving higher costs across the entire industry,” a Spectrum representative stated. “As a direct result of the growing cost of programming from the TV networks we carry, we are passing through these increased fees to viewers.”

Impact of Price Elevation

The price rises will also impact many consumer’s television bundles. Subscribers to TV Select will receive a $3 monthly rise, while Gold package subscribers will face an $8 monthly rise. Additionally, many customers may experience a $3 monthly reduction in their TV package price.

The monthly leasing rate for Spectrum receivers will rise from $7.99 to $8.99 per box.

Additionally, the monthly cost of Spectrum Voice, the company’s home phone service, would rise by $3 to $12.99.

Exceptions to Price Increases

Customers of Spectrum internet will experience no change in broadband prices. For new customers who pay a promotional rate for their Spectrum TV or Voice plan – including those who take advantage of the remote education offer – the price hikes will not take effect until the promotional period has expired.

This sudden surge can be a result of increased Chater Spectrum services, as well as the increased use of spectrum internet due to the pandemic. Additionally, Charter has been taking many plunges during the last year – such as investing in Spectrum Reach program or Spectrum Digital Education Program.

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