Spectrum Reach Introducing Blockgraph and TVSquared

Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales division of Charter Communications, Inc. today announced a new deterministic, cross-platform attribution solution with Blockgraph and TVSquared. In this way, Spectrum is enabling its advertisers to evaluate addressable, streaming, and linear TV campaigns more efficiently.

Advertisers can now link TV ad exposure to particular consumer behaviors on digital devices, conversions, and purchases. Thanks to clear analytics, reach extension, and audience delivery that spectrum internet deals and TV packages bring our way!

Deterministic Multiscreen Attribution

The first-ever deterministic multiscreen attribution solution of Spectrum Reach has been developed in collaboration with TVSquared and Blockgraph. It primarily links TV and streaming TV ad exposures to digital outcomes such as website visits in a privacy-compliant manner.

This solution allows advertisers utilizing deterministic measurement systems and media sellers to maintain control of their data, which is safely housed inside their own environment and does not need the use of a third-party matching partner.

A word from the Vice President of Spectrum Reach

Rob Klippel, Spectrum Reach Senior Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products and Strategy said that advertisers want a single point of contact for real-time measurement of their multiscreen TV campaigns, and our partnership with Blockgraph and TVSquared enables us to meet that demand for our advertisers across linear and connected TV.

He further added that the solution enables us to resolve identification in a secure manner, enabling us to fully integrate measurement and deliver precise actions and insights into digital, linear, and streaming TV campaigns.

Attribution is not always distributed evenly or on a large scale. Spectrum Reach advertisers can now more accurately and reliably assess the success of their cross-platform TV buys in near-real-time using Blockgraph’s secure peer-to-peer data cooperation platform and TVSquared’s always-on measurement and attribution platform.

This is one of the best things about Charter after their amazing spectrum internet deals and the best TV packages.

A word from the President of TVSquared, Jo Kinsella

“The ability to combine ad exposure data with consumer outcomes – deterministically and at scale – is an advancement for the TV industry.”

She further added: “We are excited to be part of this innovation by providing the most precise TV measurement, and we share in the commitment to building brands and connecting them with audiences across all screens and platforms.”

A word from Blockgraph CEO Jason Manningham

“Accelerating accurate measurement solutions across the convergent TV landscape is essential to the vitality of the industry. We are thrilled to enable Spectrum Reach and TVSquared to provide deterministic attribution solutions that move the industry forward through our data collaboration platform that enables real-time insights and facilitates the highest levels of data quality, controls, and commitments to users privacy.”

TVSquared is the global leader in cross-platform TV ad measurement, delivering increased accountability, accuracy, transparency, and scalability for linear and OTT/CTV advertising to thousands of customers worldwide.

The Identity Operating System (IDoS) developed by Blockgraph allows privacy-first, faster data cooperation for television. When data owners and brands collaborate, they use Blockgraph’s IDoS to gain more simplicity, speed, and transparency in order to reach, target, and measure consumers confidently wherever they are.

What’s so Special About Spectrum?

Charter Communications, Inc. is a market-leading internet connectivity business and cable operator with over 31 million subscribers in 41 states under the Spectrum brand. The firm provides a comprehensive variety of cutting-edge home and commercial spectrum internet deals, TV, and voice services through a sophisticated communications network.

Spectrum Business & Spectrum Enterprise

Spectrum Business offers the same portfolio of broadband goods and services as Spectrum Enterprise, but with additional features and apps to boost productivity, while Spectrum Enterprise provides highly tailored, fiber-based solutions for bigger enterprises and government agencies.

Spectrum Reach

Spectrum Reach creates and distributes targeted advertising and content for today’s media environment. Additionally, the business provides its consumers with award-winning news coverage, sports coverage, and high-quality original content through Spectrum Networks and Spectrum Originals.

Concerning TVSquared

TVSquared is the world’s biggest independent convergent TV measurement and attribution platform. Their endlessly scalable technology quantifies the efficacy of linear, addressable, and over-the-top/cable television advertising.

They provide continuous information to thousands of advertisers in more than 75 countries, including reach and frequency, unique reach, results, and audience. Their infrastructure, which is integrated across premium publishers, demand-side platforms, and identification and audience partners, processes billions of ad impressions at scale, linking viewership and ad occurrence data.

TVSquared provides the most comprehensive view of television advertising measurement and attribution, including 150 million homes worldwide and more than 65 CTV platforms. TVSquared, which is trusted by the entire television ecosystem as the one source of truth, measures television as it is seen — across platforms and screens.

Concerning Blockgraph

Block graph is a technology startup dedicated to enabling the future of data-driven television advertising. The world’s top media, technology, and information services businesses work with trusted partners to develop and deploy privacy-focused targeting and measurement solutions utilizing Blockgraph’s Identity Operating System (IDoS).

Charter Communications Inc., Comcast NBCUniversal, and ViacomCBS Inc. jointly control Blockgraph.

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