Army of One (2020): A Fierce Review

Army of One

Army of One is a movie belonging to the genre of “action,” having a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The film was initially released on December 14, 2020, in the USA. It is a sole depiction of the revenge movie, and if you are a fanatic supporter of vengeance and retaliation, you’ll be happy to see this movie. The director of the film “Army of One,” Stephen Durham, seems to be putting a lot of effort into the plot and action sequences.  

The Plot of Army of One  

Written by Mary Ann Barnes and David Dittlinger, the movie Army of One unveils a hiking scene in the backwoods of Alabama. It shows a married couple Brenner Baker and his husband Dillon, having the time of their lives when they accidentally tumbled over Cartel’s compound containing illegal drug and gun storage.   

The movie Army of One takes a significant turn as Cartel holds them as captives before they get the time to flee. They torture them and ultimately kill Dillon, leaving his wife mistaken as dead. This proves out to be a huge mistake on the part of the Cartel. They erroneously kill Dillon and think they killed Brenner Baker. It was their biggest blunder to leave Brenner Baker of Special Forces alive – especially after killing her husband.   

As it progresses, the later events reveal that Brenner Baker, the First Lieutenant of Army’s 75th Ranger Division, is on a mission that would literally carve out and kill everyone that comes in the path of vengeance for her husband. She keeps on her deadly journey until there is no one left but her! Hence, she is the Army of One who would fight to avenge his husband’s murder.  

The Cast of the Movie  

The movie cast includes Ellen Hollman as Brenner, Matt Passmore as Dillion, Stephen Dunlevy as Hank, Gary Kasper as Butch, Kendra Carelli as Emily, Barry Harnley as Lance, Cameron Bowen, Casey Hendershot, Aviel Ayoung, and many others.  

We have seen Ellen Hollman doing wonders in Christmas movies. In the same way, she proves that she is a big deal as an action star. Ellen is considered a relatively new star when we talk of the action movies – but she did it brilliantly in the Army of One and has proven herself to a great extent.   

The Review of Army of One  

As we stated earlier, this is a really “bad” revenge movie, and the story is something we have not seen before. It is both different and better than what we were initially expecting from it. The Army of One has an absolutely obnoxious and loathsome antagonist and a firm but somehow thick-skinned protagonist.  

The movie has a very harsh impact as it begins with a bit of a lovey-dovey picture about Brenner Baker and her husband, Dillon. But it is soon dashed to the ground when things take quick turns, and they happen to encounter the least desired Cartels. From this point onward, the film has been a mix of tension and bloodshed.  

Mama’s (Geraldine Singer) character is very significant as it helps the couple escape the bounds of our ever-hated antagonist Butch (Gary Kasper). Brenner and Dillon resume their hiking, and on account of the rain, they take shelter in an apparently empty house. But – brace yourself for the next spoiler, but the place is actually the property of Butch and his family. Hence, Brenner and her husband are left in a death trap.  

The scenes following this show how Brenner becomes a one-person army and fights against Butch to whatever extent she can. But as we say, Butch is the “pure” form of evil, and his family is apparently involved in all sorts of filth and malice that you can think of.   

Exclusive Efforts of Ellen Hollman in Army of One  

Ellen Hollman sensing the requirement and the plot of the movie Army of One, tries to perform all the heroics and nasty fighting scenes. Due to this, the movie is not drab and dull at any point. It demonstrates that the female counterpart of human beings is more noxious and deadly than the male.  

It shows the two extremes of Brenner – one in which she so mercilessly kills everyone that had even the slightest part in the killing of his husband; and the other in which she has such a kind heart that she struggles to rescue all the prisoners that the Butch and his family have held in captivity. Brenner’s character is why most of the audience would love to see the sequel of this movie.  

The Verdict  

In my opinion, this movie should be a big big hit. It has plenty of action that we want to see in a movie like this. Most importantly, the fact that it showed a female and her strengths even when she has seen the lowest of her life is making it more of an admiring story. The reputation that they have given the bad boys deserves the sort of punishment that they have shown in the movie.  

Hence, Army of One is actually one movie that I loved watching! You should watch the film as it is available to watch online on different streaming platforms and downloaded. But before that, you need a good internet connection, and you can check spectrum internet prices to get the right package or call at +1-800-370-0251. 

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