Antebellum – A Dramatic Mystery


The Movie “Antebellum” falls under the genre of Drama, Mystery, and Horror. It has a rating of 5.6 out of 10 on IMDb. Releasing in September of 2020, the movie Antebellum has been written and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz.   

The Cast of the Antebellum  

The movie stars Arabella Landrum as the Little Blonde Girl, Jena Malone as Elizabeth, Eric Lange as Senator Denton, Janelle Monae as Veronica, Tongayi Chirisa as Professor Tarasai, and others.   

The Plot of Antebellum  

Janelle Monae playing the role of a successful author Veronica Henley is trapped in an abominable situation that allows her to face all the present, past, and future versions. The notable part of this absurd scenario is that she has the ability to change it somehow before it brings in some serious havoc.  

Antebellum: The Critic Review  

Antebellum is not a mystery but an amalgam of mystery, horror, and a bit of drama. But still, it’s quite surprising that after the immense success of horror movies like Midsommar, The Lighthouse, and Get Out – a film that has a propelling presence of Janelle Monae is receiving such vicious reviews. The movie seems to be significantly inspired by Get Out and Black Mirror.  

The Opening Shot  

The opening of Antebellum is quite impressive, and I would rather say “grand.” It has so perfectly described the filmmaking skills that make a movie a real hit. The scenes unravel the plantation grounds, American soldiers enslaving black people and assaulting them mercilessly. Although the audience has literally become exhausted to watch black people as nothing but merely “bad” characters full of sins and crimes, Antebellum apparently shows us the same kind of story. It’s been disgusting to watch the black people being killed only if they do not go by the rules.  

Eden – the Black Woman  

Eden or Veronica, the young black woman, and rebel is different from the rest of the crowd who quietly bear whatever the American confederate soldiers throw their way. She knows very well that she’ll escape whenever she finds the right time and chance. Witnessing the brutal and ruthless assassinations and atrocities being inflicted on the black slaves has made her stronger enough to leave the place without fear of being killed.   

The Plot of Antebellum  

The movie shows two scenarios – one in which Janelle Monae plays as Veronica and the other in which she plays as Eden. The Eden part of the film throws the most tantrums since it shows a civil war rehabilitative park in which the black people are suffering at the hands of the American soldiers in the worst possible ways.   

On the other hand, Veronica is an author and an activist who speaks up for black people’s rights. She is married to Nick and has a daughter Kennedy. Accompanying her is her best friend Dawn, who she had to meet the same night for dinner at an activist meeting.  

Janelle Monae is way too perfect for someone who turned actor formerly from a singer. She so amazingly delineates a woman who has been into hell and back. She depicts the agony of a woman who has been ridiculed and humiliated just being of her skin color by a mob of racists. Janelle Monae’s character is the epitome of the determination and perseverance of a female who has felt the real “fear.”  

The Flashes of Being in Antebellum  

The reasons why Eden had been Eden, or why she, along with other black people, have been kept in the Antebellum, is still unclear. The film does not provide the particulars about the beneficiaries’ agenda and motives of their captivation and confinement. It seems as though the filmmakers have simply put together a very sensitive subject without having full clutches of the topic.  

The Verdict  

Firstly, the logic and the background story of the movie is very unclear. It seems as if the American soldiers have literally nothing else to do than imprisoning the black people. The reason why they did so is unclear as well. It flashes tend to get stuffy and confuse the audience – the sudden shuffles between Eden and Veronica’s life are a bit difficult to follow.   

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